NWL STL Episode #14 Review

The first champion of St. Louis will be big, that’s for sure.

Taped on April 9, 2017.

The Buddy System (Buddy Shepherd & Skyler Beckett) vs. The Underground (Adam Ryan & Jackie Lee Bosch)

Decent tag match. The crowd loves Buddy. Ryan is back to his old attire now that Bosch has returned, but he’s switched out the khakis for long tights. The Underground waylay Buddy and Skyler on the stage. They isolate Skyler for a while until he finally makes it over to Buddy. Buddy gets cut off with a chop to the throat, a codebreaker, and a backdrop driver, but he kicks out. He and Skyler come back and hit Ryan with a pump handle slam/leg drop, but Bosch saves. The Underground set up for something, but Skyler flips out and pushes Ryan into the corner, crotching Bosch on the top. Then he school boy’s Ryan to get the pin.

Winners – The Buddy System

Rating – OK

The Underground attack while the Buddies are celebrating, but out comes Javy Torres. He gives each heel a German suplex and gets the microphone to officially announce that he’s joining the Buddy System. He takes off his hoodie to reveal a Buddy System shirt and they all hug.

Christian Adonis vs. Neon Iverson

Solid singles action. I haven’t seen much from Iverson due to his being out with injury since the first show, but I like what I see here. He breaks out some nice high-flying maneuvers; maybe not on an ACH or Will Ospreay level, but still a sign of talent. He also has that babyface cockiness that makes him look confident in the ring. Adonis is the bigger, more arrogant heel, and he shows some intelligence by snapmaring Iverson so his recovering leg hits the ropes. He attacks that leg a little more, but it doesn’t hinder Iverson from pulling off one of those lucha arm drags where he bounces between the top and second ropes first. Unfortunately for him, Adonis gets his knees up on a 450 attempt, then hits him with a swinging neckbreaker for the pin.

Winner – Christian Adonis

Rating – OK

In the Back…

Buddy, Skyler, and Javy are all excited. Buddy and Marti talk about hair, and then Buddy says that the Buddy System is coming into everyone in two weeks.

Video Package for the Main Event

Todd Letterman says no one can outperform him. Maverick claims he saw fear in Letterman’s eyes the last time they were in the ring together and says he’s always looking for a fight. Both guys are here for the belt.

NWL STL Championship Tournament Final Round – No DQ: “The Five-Star Phenom” Todd Letterman vs. “The Raging Bull” Maverick

The winner will be the first NWL STL Champion, and it’s a HOSS FIGHT!

This is Maverick’s second match of the night after beating Cornell Douglass to make it to the finals. As expected, this is a long one and they go all out to make it an epic encounter. After a the kind of feeling out process that only two large men can have, Maverick takes the bulk of the punishment during the first half of the match, including getting dropped back-first over the guardrail and taking a Finlay roll on the floor. His concussion does come into play, but he gets an opening when Letterman misses a cannonball in the corner and tweaks his leg. He works it over with a figure four (which is hard to apply given Letterman’s tree trunk legs), but Letterman reverses the pressure. After getting beaten on some more, Maverick is surprisingly the first guy to go for weapons. He hits Letterman with a chair and sets up a guardrail in the corner but gets tossed into it twice. He kicks out of a spike driver, and Letterman kicks out of a DVD (no way Maverick’s getting Todd up for the Gory bomb). The end comes when Letterman exposes the turnbuckle and, even though he’s the first to get his head sent into it, he comes back immediately and drops Maverick face-first across it and the bolt behind it, then pins him with another spike driver.

Winner – Todd Letterman, first NWL STL Champion.

Rating – Good

Major Baisden congratulates Letterman, but Letterman tells him to get that smirk off his face. He says he told him from day one that he would be the first champion, and now it’s the era of Letterman. Baisden shoves the belt into Letterman’s chest and leaves, and Letterman poses.

YouTube Exclusives

Todd Letterman says he did what he said he would and brushes off any criticism that Maverick wasn’t at 100%. He says he’ll take on anyone at 100% any time.

Overall: Good. My list of the best NWL matches is getting longer with that main event. I was kind of surprised that the NWL went with having heel champions on both sides of the state, but both Letterman and Draper are good fits as dominant top guys for the babyfaces to chase. Meanwhile, the Buddy System is bigger (meaning Buddy won’t wrestle as often?) and Christian Adonis continues his winning ways after ditching his girlfriend. Good stuff here, and I’m sure good stuff is coming.


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