NWL KC Episode #15 Review

Now even more TV friendly!

Taped on April 15, 2017.

Ben Miller opens the show and run downs the matches. Then we get a highlight package of the previous two meetings between the Royal Blood and the Blood Brothers (the Blood Brothers won both).

KC vs. STL Series: Jax Royal w/ Jet Royal vs. Davey Gibson w/ Mathew Grundy

Kansas City leads the series 5-4.

This match is joined in progress (the whole thing is available here), which is fine by me and my short attention span. Gibson has Jax on the ground and is taunting him. Jax powers up and fires back. They get in some good nearfalls, and Jax reverses a superbomb into a particularly snappy frankensteiner. He also connects with a flying clothesline from the top that connects via his elbow. Gibson throws some kicks and counters a rana into a rolling DVD for two, but when he goes for some sort of suplex, Jax small packages him and gets the three. St. Louis once again misses out on the chance to tie the series, and the Royal Blood get their first semblance of a win over the Blood Brothers.

Winner – Jax Royal (KC 6-4 STL)

Rating – Good (from what I saw)

Gibson and Grundy are very frustrated.

Sponsors! NWL KC is brought to you by Crazy Monkey Beer and the Windy Wine Company. Yes, there really is a Crazy Monkey Beer. No, I can’t tell you what it’s like because I don’t drink and I live in China.

Ben Miller introduces the next match…

High Society (Niles Plonk & Ken Dharma) w/ Belvedere vs. The Union (Mac & Joe)

Also joined in progress (full match here), and Joe immediately shows his deceptive athleticism with a standing moonsault. Belvedere interferes so the snobby guys can get heat on Joe. Plonk’s grape stomp gets a good reaction, as usual. Also, Ken Dharma getting frustrated and standing up out of crooked positions is always a highlight for me. Mac is a good fit as the guy to get the hot tag because he can run through guys with power moves. Plonk hits the uncorker snapmare driver, but Joe saves his partner. Belvedere’s interference backfires and leaves him down after a superkick, allowing the Union to dispose of Dharma and finish Plonk with a double press slam followed by a tandem leg drop and splash.

Winners – The Union

Rating – Good (from what I saw)

More sponsors! Wyandot BBQ on the Kansas side (never been, but it’s probably good because it’s KC barbecue) and Up Down, an arcade bar that has hosted promotional events for the NWL, including a WWF WrestleMania 2000 video game tournament. So now I want to eat a pulled pork sandwich and play some N64.

In the Back…

Ben Miller is with High Society, but Ken Dharma talks to him like he’s Marti Bell. Dharma and Plonk tease turning on each other but then turn on Belvedere instead. Plonk claims that the Union showed more class than him and that Dharma hurt his foot on Belvedere’s face. Plonk dismisses Belvedere, but then Carolina Grizelda Esmeralda Rodriguez pops in to speak some Spanish and tease a new alliance. Plonk says, “But this isn’t even Spanish wine.”

Miller throws it to…

Devlin vs. “Lockdown” Ray Briggs w/ Roscoe Leech

This match is pretty much complete, but the whole thing including entrances and stuff is here. For those just joining us, Devlin has been a thorn in Briggs’s side for months, basically trolling him and costing him matches. Briggs finally got his first win at the last show over Chad Barstow, thanks in part to his joining the Leech Talent Agency.

Since taking on Leech as his manager, Briggs has shown more confidence in the ring (both from a kayfabe and non-kayfabe standpoint), and I’ve enjoyed watching him improve. He takes it to Devlin here with some more football-inspired offense than he used to use. Devlin isn’t squashed though, and there’s a nice spot where he catches Briggs with a cutter off a springboard crossbody.

And then they did exactly what I was hoping for! Briggs has the upper hand, but a video of Devlin taunting him comes up on screen. Devlin uses the distraction to roll him up, but a video of Leech suddenly interrupts the first video, and now Devlin is confused. Briggs nails Devlin with an axe kick and does a spinarooni, then finally vanquishes his nemesis with the pick 6 leapfrog famouser. I’m so happy that they played off the video thing.

Winner – Ray Briggs

Rating – Good

In the Back…

Miller is with Briggs and Leech. Briggs says that joining the LTA was the best decision he ever made and directs further questions to Roscoe. Leech plugs the sponsors and says that Briggs is going to tack on more and more victories on his way towards the KC championship. He says that the LTA is the best choice for any wrestler.

A History of the Thor/Wyatt Rivalry

In highlight form, we see that Thor Theriot beat Jeremy Wyatt to eliminate him from the KC championship tournament, but Wyatt’s shoulder wasn’t all the way down when the ref counted three. As revenge, Wyatt interfered to cost Thor his next tournament match. Wyatt and Michael Strider have been going back and forth with Thor for some time since then, and Wyatt finally challenged Thor to one more singles match. He says he’s not just going to beat Thor physically but also break him mentally.

Thor Theriot vs. Jeremy Wyatt w/ Michael Strider

We join the match with Wyatt taunting and slapping Thor while Thor is on his knees. (The full match is here.) This is the catalyst for Thor’s big comeback, and from there, they go back and forth dropping bombs on each other. It’s a good sign when two guys are having a series of matches when each match can be better than the last, and this third singles match (there was a triple threat, too)  is easily their best yet. Both guys escape the other’s finisher, and both attempt the other’s finisher, too. Thor kicks out of the top rope elbow, a move that Wyatt has established as a potential finisher. Wyatt dives onto Thor on the stage, and then tries a piledriver out there, but Thor backdrops him. After quite a battle, Thor climbs up top, kicks both Strider and Wyatt away, and lands a swanton bomb onto Wyatt’s back. This is enough to get him a three count, but if you look closely, you can see that one of Wyatt’s shoulders lifts off the mat during the count. The referee is just in a poor position to see it.

Winner – Thor Theriot

Rating – Good

Strider blindsides Thor after the match and throws him back into the ring. He sets up a chair in the corner, and Wyatt drives Thor through it, possibly even ramming his head into the ring post as well. Very vicious. Thor has to be helped out by Derek Stone and a referee.

YouTube Exclusives (unless they end up on next week’s show)

Wyatt says Thor won the battle, but Wyatt won the war, and there are more wars to be won. Strider says that he and Wyatt have been the foundation of KC wrestling for 20 years, and they’re ready to fight a war with those who want to erase them from the record books.

Thor says he just woke up fifteen minutes ago with no memory of what happened. He’s not sure how he’s going to remove these thorns in his side, but he plans to bring everything in order to make the foundation crumble.

Overall: Good. I love the new format. It’s a good way to fit more into the show now that it’s on a local TV station and has to fit into a specific time block. In the past, I would’ve been miffed that I wasn’t getting complete matches, but these days, I prefer shorter matches and just getting to the good stuff (unless I’m watching live). It’s also really cool of them to host the matches in full on their YouTube channel, too, for those who want them. All of the matches on this show seemed to serve a purpose, and the main event managed to really escalate that feud even though the good guy won. Big thumbs up all around.


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