NWL STL Episode 15 Review

Buying time…literally.

Taped on April 23, 2017.

Jay Lutz Calls Out “Greatness”

Jay Lutz comes out and says that he’s sober and at 150%, so he wants Marcellus Gaines right now. Gaines comes out alone and tells him it’s on, but Drew Gold rushes in to say no, Gaines isn’t going to wrestle Lutz unless it’s on his time. Plus, Drew got Lutz a match in the KC vs. STL I-70 series instead. Gaines leaves with Gold, so Lutz calls for someone else to come out and fight him. Tommy Flagg accepts the challenge.

Jay Lutz vs. Tommy Flagg

No August Marshall at ringside.

Decent match that focuses on Flagg’s aggressiveness and Lutz’s tenacity. Flagg punishes Lutz with the turnbuckles and the ring apron. Lutz is able to kick out of some moves at one, and he also survives as jackhammer. He displays his agility and sobriety with a nip up, and he prepares for a dive, but Flagg distracts the ref by claiming his leg is hurt. Drew Gold comes back out and spits beer in Lutz’s face. Flagg comes back in and hits a twisting flatliner for the pin.

Winner – Tommy Flagg

Rating – OK

Flagg leaves immediately, but Gold stays to taunt Lutz. He tells him he was a fun pet project, but threatens to erase him from wrestling if he doesn’t take his nose out of Gold’s and Gaines’s business.

The Billion Dollar Boardroom

The ring announcer says that Emmett Dubois has purchased the next thirty minutes of the show for himself. Dubois comes out with Clayton Fox – who seems to have recovered from that beating Jack Foster gave him – to a ring with two tables and some chairs. Dubois says he’s here to solve some of the problems the NWL roster members have with each other. He brings out The Underground (Adam Ryan & Jackie Lee Bosch)The Buddy System (Buddy Shepherd and Javy Torres)Christian Adonis, and Neon Iverson. They sit at the two tables with heels on one side and faces on the other. Dubois facilitates while the two sides explain their issues. Interesting to note that Ryan seems to have taken Bosch’s place as the leader of the Underground. Ryan says that the Buddy System is a lie, and Dubois agrees. Buddy lets the crowd speak for him. Bosch says that they’re the victims, they always obey the rules, and Torres attacked them for no reason last time. Dubois calls Iverson by his partner, Dez Wellston’s, name and asks what his issue with Adonis is. Iverson calls Dubois and Clayton “butt buddies” (something I don’t think a babyface should do in these, or any, times, personally), and Adonis complains that he hasn’t gotten to speak. Everyone squabbles until Dubois slams down a briefcase. He makes a six-man tag match for the rest of the time he’s purchased. Buddy says they don’t take orders from him, but Dubois offers to donate $100,000 to the Buddy System, so Buddy accepts.

Before the match, we have a Jack Foster promo package. He basically says that he dedicated his life to pro wrestling, but it faded away a long time ago. He’s here to resurrect it, because “Jack Foster is pro wrestling.”

The Buddy System (Buddy Shepherd & “Takedown” Javy Torres) & Neon Iverson vs. The Underground (Adam Ryan & Jackie Lee Bosch) & Christian Adonis

This has pretty much everything I want from a six-man tag. Every wrestler is already feuding with at least one other wrestler in the match. They all get their own moments to shine. Ryan and Bosch are aggressive and spend a lot of time mocking the Buddy System. Adonis is arrogant and overpowering. Buddy is goofy and does some comedy stuff. Iverson is quick and explosive. And Torres is the underdog-in-peril. They all fit together really well to make a good match.

Once Torres makes the hot tag to Iverson and he runs wild, everyone starts taking turns doing things, and Buddy actually lifts Torres over his head to toss him onto the Underground outside. He gets dumped by Adonis, and Iverson rolls him up for a nearfall. He puts him down with a superkick and goes up for a 450, but Adonis moves and Iverson tweaks his previously injured leg. This allows Adonis to hit a neckbreaker to put him away and give the bad guys a win.

Winners – The Underground & Christian Adonis

Rating – Good

In the Back…

Marti congratulates Jay Lutz on being sober for two weeks. Lutz says he came for a fight, but Gaines let his manager tell him what to do. He tells Gaines to be a man on May 7th, because Lutz is going to call him out again, so he’d better leave his boy in the back.

Cornell Douglass Speaks

Douglass says that every time he comes to the Casa Loma Ballroom, he has a problem, but this time it isn’t with management, it’s with the people. He says that he had several supporters scattered throughout the crowd at the last show, but the rest of the fans disrespected them and treated them like outcasts, so they didn’t come back. He has the cameraman pan to the crowd to see the “sea of white.” He tells the fans that if they ever disrespect any of his people again, they will be dealt with accordingly. Then he says that he and Castle are going to show the Blood Brothers what brotherhood is all about.

Cornell Douglass & Castle vs. The Blood Brothers (Davey Gibson & Mathew Grundy)

These two teams seem to have beef, but I’m drawing a blank as to when it started. Must’ve been from before I started reviewing the St. Louis shows. Nevertheless, they start off pretty hot, as the two big guys attack the Brothers but end up dumped out and dove upon. Both teams kind of go back and forth on offense before Douglass and Castle find Grundy’s Achilles’ heel: his ribs, which were damaged in a match with Jet Royal in Kansas City.

I’ve got to admit, Cornell Douglass isn’t the most interesting guy when it comes to his in-ring style, but I can’t deny that he works hard and has a great character. Castle, meanwhile, is a generic heavy right now. Maybe he’ll evolve into something more complex later. And the Blood Brothers are, of course, quite entertaining, especially Grundy (though he does botch a springboard stunner).

Things get hot again around when Gibson hits Douglass with a beautiful disaster kick. Douglass kicks out of this assisted last rites thing the Brothers do, and he goes on to hit Grundy with the heart punch, but the referee seems to think Gibson is the legal man. He ends up counting anyway, but the time wasted in the confusion allows Grundy to recover and kick out. Douglass gets dropped with the busaiku knee/brainbuster-on-the-knee combo, but Castle pulls the ref out. Gibson dives onto Castle, but this seems to do more damage to him, because Castle is there when Douglass deposits Grundy onto the apron. Castle powerbombs Grundy onto the apron and rolls him in for Douglass to pin him.

Winners – Cornell Douglass & Castle

Rating – OK

YouTube Exclusives

Tommy Flagg hypes up his winning streak (3-0) and says he’s smarter than everyone else. He says we’ve got to keep the new streak going and calls himself the “new voice” and the “new winner” in the NWL.

Buddy Shepherd explains his haircut to a disappointed Marti, then introduces his new smartphone app.

Overall: Good. I’m digging the Jay Lutz/Marcellus Gaines/Drew Gold storyline, and even though The Billion Dollar Boardroom wasn’t as engaging to me as the somewhat similar hosting segment The Tasting Room on the KC side, the match that came from it was good fun. The main event was solid and an upset, to boot. Interesting to note that this episode had nothing but heel victories.


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