NWL KC Episode 17 Review

Does this count as a cowboy vs. an Indian Native American?

Taped on April 29, 2017

Marti and Ben open it up.

The Marti Minute

Marti Belle is in the ring to host the first “Marti Minute,” but Dak Draper immediately interrupts, claiming that she stole the name from his weekly YouTube show, “The Magnum Minute.” Marti quickly gets on him for not giving Blaine Meeks his obligatory title rematch, and the fans chant for it. Draper says Meeks will get his rematch at a time to be determined, but now it’s time for the return of “Dak Draper’s Dreams Come True Challenge.” Draper says his opponent this time is from Austria, and Austrians are all short and have beer bellies, so this should be an easy win. Hans Ruger comes out, and he is definitely not short or fat. He says (in a Schwarzenegger accent) that all of the beer must’ve got to his (muscular) arms. Draper says that this wasn’t what he was expecting, so the match will not be for the title, but after some egging on by Ruger, Marti, and the crowd, Draper agrees to put the belt on the line to prove he’s not chicken.

But then…

As everyone heads to the back, a blond woman attacks Marti and rolls her back into the ring. The Howletts come out and introduce the new girl as Amber Lynn. As Lynn chokes Marti with a chain, Leonel calls out Major Baisden. He comes out onto the stage, and both sides tell each other to shut up, but Baisden finally agrees to listen if they’ll let Marti go, which they do. The Howletts say they’re sick of not getting the opportunities they deserve, and they want the Royal Blood right now. Jet and Jax are out, but Baisden has a little pow-wow with them. Then he says that the Howletts are officially fired as of this moment, but they can win their jobs back if they beat the Royal Blood in a three-match series. The first match starts immediately, of course.

Best of 3 Series – Texas Tornado Rules: The Royal Blood (Jet & Jax Royal) vs. The Howletts (Marco & Leonel) (w/ Amber Lynn)

Full match here.

WWF/E video game fans ought to know that tornado rules mean no tags; everyone’s legal at all times. Not a lot of the match is shown. The Royals hits stereo tope con giros to start, and then there’s a commercial break. When we come back, it appears that the Howletts have had the advantage, but the Royals quickly come back with a vengeance. Marco takes a tornado DDT on the floor, Leonel gets dropped with a superkick, and the Royals finish it off with a 450 and a shooting star. Major Baisden applauds them from the entranceway.

Winners – The Royal Blood

Rating – Good (from what was shown)


Marti says, “Now that you’ve seen what my weekend was like, let’s take a look at Flex Zerba and Gil Rogers. We all love Gil and are rooting for his first win.”

Flex Zerba (w/ a “gym rat”) vs. Gil Rogers

Full match here.

Max Edwards is absent, but Zerba has a new guy in his corner. I didn’t catch his name, but Ben Miller called him a “gym rat” at one point. We join the match with Zerba in control as he slams and back body drops Gil around. Gil gets a small package for a near fall. Zerba’s cockiness allows Gil to mount a comeback with his old school offense, so the gym rat tosses in a foreign object. Gil catches it and shakes his head at the dude, but the overzealous referee freaks out and pries it from Gil’s hand so he can get it out of there like it’s radioactive. Zerba uses the distraction to pull a school boy for the victory. Gil is still winless in the NWL.

Winner – Flex Zerba

Rating – OK (from what was shown)

Afterwards, Gil paces in the ring with a frustrated look on his face. The fans chant his name, but he’s very annoyed as he leaves.

There’s a short introductory video to Dak Draper (the kind you might show to someone new to the product), and then Ben sends us to a tag match.

The Union (Mac & Joe) vs. High Society (Niles Plonk & Ken Dharma)

Full match here.

Actually, this match is pretty much shown in full. It’s fine and accomplishes what it needs to, but there are a couple slip-ups here and there. Mac tweaks his knee missing a knee drop (that it doesn’t look like he’d have hit anyway), and the heels work on it. Most notable is a bit where Dharma puts him in a figure four around the ring post (as well as he can with Mac’s thick legs) while Plonk does the grape stomps on his chest. Joe gets the hot tag and does his more athletic stuff, but then the shenanigans happen. Plonk gets a mouthful of wine and goes to spit it at Joe, but Joe kicks him and he accidentally swallows. Dharma makes up for it by spitting his own wine into Joe’s face, allowing Plonk to roll him up and yank the tights for the pin.

Winners – High Society

Rating – OK

A Blaine Meeks promo video. He likes wrestling as much as he likes comics, and he’s going to fight for what’s right.

In the Back…

Gil Rogers is slumped against the wall, drinking his personal brand of wine. Ben asks him about his loss to Flex Zerba. Gil says this is the first taste of alcohol he’s ever had. He thought for sure he’d get his first win tonight since Max Edwards was gone, but Zerba’s flunky still screwed him over. He laments over how he tries his best and plays by the rules, but he always loses to cheaters. Then he cuts the interview off as politely as a frustrated man can.

Ben and Marti, plus a recap of recent I-70 series results.

KC vs. STL Series: “The Lakota Warrior” Red Cloud vs. “The Raging Bull” Maverick

Full match here.

Kansas City leads the series 9-4.

There are a couple awkward-looking spots, but for the most part, it’s a solid hoss fight. Not nearly as epic as the first Maverick/Letterman title match, but that match had higher stakes. Maverick is totally a heel here despite being the good guy the last time he was in KC. Getting used to Red Cloud without the beard is going to take time; he looks like a different guy.

Anyway, Maverick works Red Cloud’s left arm to set him up for the crossface. It also comes into play when Red Cloud tries and fails to do a gorilla press. They have a couple strike exchanges (not my cup of tea, but crowds always like them). Maverick manages to throw the heftier man with an exploder. Red Cloud makes my day with a lovely spinebuster. He Tatankas up and fires away. Maverick kicks out of the bow and arrow (not uncommon). He gets Red Cloud in the crossface, but after fighting it for a bit and trying for the ropes, Red Cloud rolls over and keeps Maverick’s shoulders down for three.

Winner – Red Cloud (KC 10-4 STL)

Rating – OK

Afterwards, they jaw at each other, and Red Cloud offers his hand, but Maverick gives him the “up yours” sign and blows his nose at him. (Kind of disappointed, as I was hoping Maverick would be one of the guys who was a babyface on both sides of the state, but it is what it is.)


Rating: Good. I liked the angles at the beginning; reminded me of ECW, what with all the different storylines taking time in the same segment. I’ll be happy to see Marti wrestle in the future with a grudge to settle. Having a heel team like the Howletts be the ones who have to fight for their jobs seems counterintuitive to normal wrestling storylines, but I think it can work. Meanwhile, I’m glad that Gil’s story seems to be reaching a breaking point. Everything else was all right.

From YouTube (these may or may not air on future episodes)

I’m making like a politician and flip-flopping on my decision to stop linking to the post-show interviews. I actually enjoy watching and sharing them, even if I sometimes have to do it twice.

Amber Lynn attacked Marti because she’s mad she wasn’t asked to be in the first women’s match. Marco says they did whatever they wanted when they had jobs, so…. And Leonel says Major made things personal and the Howletts are going to burn everyone down.

High Society blame Belvedere for their loss last time and are happy to have left him at home. They insult the Union, and Ken Dharma gives himself yet another nickname.

Marti says she’s a fighter with New York roots and warns the Howletts and Amber that she’s coming for them.


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