NWL KC Episode 19 Review

“Hey, there’s a match going on!”

Taped on May 13, 2017.

Ben and Marti!

Thor Theriot Can’t Wait

Thor Theriot comes out, takes the mic from Marti, and demands that he and Jeremy Wyatt have their match immediately. Wyatt comes out in a T-shirt with a roll of tape still attached to his wrist. He says Michael Strider hasn’t even arrived yet and they haven’t discussed strategy, but if Thor wants to go right now, he’ll do it.

“The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt vs. Thor Theriot

Full match here.

Ben Miller is on solo commentary for this one. It’s actually a breath of fresh air to not have to listen to two commentators argue during a match. As much as I like listening to Bobby Heenan and Jesse Ventura on old WWF and WCW shows, I’ve really grown tired of the notion that every promotion must have a heel on commentary.

These two are always solid at worst. We get the opening salvo of the match with Thor taking control and throwing Wyatt into the guardrail. Then there’s a commercial break, and when we come back, Wyatt is the aggressor and has been going after Thor’s leg. Thor still manages to CRUSH Wyatt with a swanton (landing on him with most of his body) for two. Wyatt shows off a nice combination of a TKO onto the knee followed by an Ace crusher. Both guys escape each other’s finishers. Thor escapes an ankle lock and hits the Ragnarök gutbuster but hurts his leg and can’t capitalize. Wyatt rolls out, Thor goes and rolls him back in, and Michael Strider sneaks out from under the ring and grabs Thor’s leg. This lets Wyatt roll him into sort of an open small package for three.

Winner – Jeremy Wyatt

Rating – OK (from what was shown)

Thor gets the mic and says they’ve been ruining his life, so he’s going to ruin their lives one at a time. He challenges Strider to a no DQ match at the next show. Fans chant for it, and Strider says OK. Major Baisden appears and says that Strider’s made a habit of interfering in matches, so if Wyatt gets involved in his, both of them will be suspended for six months without pay. They aren’t happy about that.


In the Back…

Thor tells Ben that no DQ is Strider’s style, and he wanted this match so he can walk through hell and kick the devil’s butt.

Ben and Marti can’t believe Major Baisden’s announcement.

“The Austrian Horse” Hans Ruger vs. “High on Life” Ken Dharma

Full match here.

I’ve not been doing a good job of keeping up with everyone’s nicknames recently. Ryan Mcgillicuddy is now on commentary with Ben.

An OK match to give Ruger a needed victory in only his second appearance. You know, if one guy were turn, these two would make a good, fitness-themed tag team. The commercial break in the middle seems to cover up most of Dharma’s offensive period, so we pretty much see the beginning and end of the match. Ruger lands a second rope moonsault, but it doesn’t look as graceful as Dharma’s standing one. Dharma escapes a crucifix powerbomb attempt and hits a superkick (the screen goes black for a couple seconds, but the commentary is still there). Ruger catches him on the apron and pulls him through the ropes in a cravat, then drops him like an Ace crusher but holds on to make it a submission. Dharma fights it but eventually taps out.

Winner – Hans Ruger

Rating – OK (from what was shown)

Ben and Marti say Ruger will be back. Marti thinks the next match will be Gil Rogers’s first victory.

The Swoll Patrol (Flex Zerba & Max Edwards) vs. Gil Rogers & “Lockdown” Ray Briggs w/ Roscoe Leech

Full match here.

We see both teams’ entrances before the break. The Swoll Patrol draw the ire of the crowd when they mess with Roscoe’s hat and pour water on him. Gil makes the hot tag to Briggs, and we have a pretty swell sequence of fiery babyface moves from both guys. As the last man standing, Gil hold Zerba, and Roscoe gets the Swoll Patrol’s workout powder. Gil tells him not to, but Roscoe throws some, and Zerba ducks, so it hits Gil in the face. Zerba throws Gil out and chases Roscoe around the ringside area. Meanwhile, Briggs his the Pick 6 on Edwards and get the pin. So this is technically Gil’s first win, but…

Winners – Gil Rogers & Ray Briggs

Rating – Good (from what was shown)

…afterwards, Gil gets a towel to clean out his eyes while Leech and Briggs celebrate in the ring. Leech wants to raise Gil’s hand, but Gil shoves him and yells at him. Leech and Briggs leave separately from Gil.

In the Back…

Ben congratulates Briggs and Gil on their win, but Gil says he doesn’t count it as a victory for him. Leech comes in with a cup of beer and apologizes for the way Gil feels but says he and Ray are still celebrating three in a row. Gil says Leech was just supposed to punch Zerba, not throw powder, but leech says they were messing with his hat. Gil says Leech can apologize all he wants, but it doesn’t change what happened, and he storms off. Leech downs his beer.

Marti and Ben are a little disappointed, but now it’s time for the I-70 Series. They think Maverick will be a tough test for Blaine Meeks. Then we get the recap video of recent series matches.

KC vs. STL Series: Blaine Meeks vs. “The Raging Bull” Maverick

KC leads the series 10-5.

Full match here.

Now the really good stuff. Maverick attacks Meeks from behind right after the introductions and beats him up on the outside until the commercial break. Then we get some good back-and-forth action with Maverick being the power guy and Meeks being a daredevil. Meeks hits three consecutive topes (pretty safe ones, which I commend), then brings Maverick back in and gets caught trying a high crossbody, but he escapes and hits Comic Mischief. Suddenly, Dak Draper comes out with a microphone, announcing the next installment of…something. Then he pretends to be surprised that there’s a match going on as the referee tells him to get out of here. Maverick takes advantage and puts Meeks in the crossface. Meeks fights it and rolls Maverick over twice, getting a nearfall the second time (same way Red Cloud beat Maverick last time). Maverick hits a double powerbomb (similar to the type Draper used to beat Meeks before), but Meeks kicks out. Meeks gets caught with a lariat off of a springboard to get put away. Really liked the callbacks to both guys’ previous matches.

Winner – Maverick (KC 10-6 STL)

Rating – Good (from what was shown)

Maverick blows snot on Meeks before he leaves.

Overall: Good. Loved that main event, liked the story advancement with Gil Rogers and Roscoe Leech, was fine with everything else. I guess I wasn’t really into Thor and Wyatt this time because I’ve already seen them go at it so many times, and I knew it was basically a setup for at least one future match. Also disappointed that there was no Hans Ruger promo.


Blaine Meeks starts calm but soon flips out about Dak Draper, swearing that he’s sick of the games and he’ll beat him in their rematch. Hold camera on the glasses.

Jeremy Wyatt says he and Michael Strider aren’t NWL creations, so the NWL is out to get them. He says that Thor Theriot is going to dance with the devil. Strider says Thor is playing into his hands, puts over his violent wrestling experience, and says that he doesn’t have matches, he has wars.

Flex Zerba makes a bunch of puns and says they don’t have setbacks. Max Edwards says they got powder in Gil Rogers’ eyes, so he considers that a win. Oh, and Gil’s not swoll.

Maverick says Blaine Meeks poked the bull and got the horns. He doesn’t care about the rivalry between STL and KC, he’s just here to be the champ.



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