ROH: The Gorillas vs. Kikutaro and Seabass (2017)

Maybe if this had been Chikara…

This one’s in front of a live crowd again. I know Kikutaro as the lovable Japanese comedy wrestler, but I’ve never seen Seabass before. He looks like a 1980’s fitness guru, but his mannerisms more resemble one of the Headshrinkers or Bushwackers. He also wrestles barefoot, which I hear is a good way to roll your ankle.

When the comedy team is on offense, it’s mostly comedy. Big surprise there. It’s not particularly funny comedy to me, though. Seabass bites. Kikutaro has second thoughts about getting in with Anaya. They yank on Anaya’s ears. Meh.

When the Gorillas are on offense, they beat guys (mostly Seabass) up. This period is much more my speed, though there isn’t much I haven’t seen before. But they’re aggressive and all their stuff looks good. Their wheelbarrow Ace crusher moves gets a name – “Left Coast Whiplash” – but they hit it on Seabass when he isn’t legal, so they can’t get the pin.

Kikutaro gets hot-tagged and hits a few forearms before getting shoved and kicked in the face. But then the Gorillas hit left coast whiplash on Seabass and can’t pin him, so Kikutaro disposes of Anaya and hits Hoodie with a dragon screw and a shining wizard to pin him.

Winners – Kikutaro & Seabass

Rating – OK

Disappointed to see the Gorillas lose. This seemed like a logical one for them to finally get a victory in (as long as they beat Seabass).


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