ROH: The Gorillas vs. Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara (2017)

The Howletts respecting the code of honor? What alternate universe is this?

When they aren’t causing havoc in the National Wrasslin’ League, the Howletts still go by their other names, Hoodie and Anaya, as the Left Coast Guerrillas. Unless they’re in ROH; then they’re just the Gorillas

Before the match, we have short promos by both teams. The Gorillas argue about what side each guy is supposed to be on in the shot, then say that it’s Future of Honor and strike a pose. Ferrara says that he and Cheeseburger have taken over the ROH Dojo and anyone who wants to make it in Ring of Honor has the go through them.

So this is the first Future of Honor match I’ve seen that’s taken place in the ROH Dojo instead of at a regular Ring of Honor event. No fans around the ring, just other wrestlers; kind of like Beyond Wrestling’s original style, but less edgy-looking.

This is your standard tag opening tag match (even though I don’t think it’s opening anything). Lots of frantic action and double team sequences. ‘Burger and Ferrara show off their teamwork, and then the Gorillas show theirs. Ferrara makes a hot tag to Cheeseburger so he can run wild. Hoodie actually takes over on both babyfaces by himself for a brief period. The Gorillas seem to have ‘Burger pinned after a wheelbarrow Ace crusher, but Ferrara breaks it up. Anaya gets dumped so the good guys can hit a superkick, a mini-codebreaker, and a shotei to pin Hoodie.

Winners – Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara

Rating –¬†Good

Afterwards, Ferrara tells the Gorillas that, if they want to be there, they should keep doing what they do.

I thought it was much better than the six-man that all four men were a part of in Las Vegas. The Gorillas got to do a lot and look strong, and they didn’t botch anything.


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