NWL KC Episode 20 Review

So he’s a wine snob and a racist?

Taped on May 13, 2017.

Ben and Marti run down the card, and Marti says she’s had to block Chad Barstow from all her social media because he’s just so annoying. This episode features fancy new graphics for the name cards.

The Tasting Room with Niles Plonk

Belvedere‘s back. Plonk introduces Chad Barstow as their new social media genius. He asks Barstow about the Plonk signature reserve and social media, and Plonk talks about frat parties and how Kansas City fans can’t afford good wine. He mentions reservations, and Plonk uses that as a transition to bring out Red Cloud (because he’s Native American). Red Cloud wants to talk about the championship, but Plonk won’t let him. Plonk makes passive-aggressive fun of Red Cloud’s lack of a beard, and then he and Barstow get out a gift for him. Red Cloud opens it to reveal a piece of pipeline and calls it a “Piece Pipe.” Red Cloud prepares to fight, and the two heels sacrifice Belvedere to him while they run away. Red Cloud presses Belvedere into a powerslam, then picks up the mic and says he wants both Plonk and Barstow in a handicap match.

(I must say that Red Cloud’s gritty voice sounds strange coming from a guy with no beard. He actually has a very friendly face.)

Ben and Marti can’t believe the disrespect they just saw.

Handicap Match: Chad Barstow & Niles Plonk w/ Belvedere vs. “The Lakota Warrior” Red Cloud

Full match here.

Basic handicap stuff. Tag format. They beat on Red Cloud until he suplexes both of them. He runs wild on them. They come back, but then he Tatanka’s up and throws a bunch of headbutts. Barstow takes the bow and arrow while Plonk grabs a wine bottle. Belvedere distracts the referee, Plonk smashes the bottle over Red Cloud’s head, and the referee somehow ignores the broken class to make the count.

Winners – Chad Barstow & Niles Plonk

Rating – OK (from what was shown)

Belvedere carries Barstow out like a baby.


Marti wasn’t expecting that finish. Ben hopes Red Cloud is OK. Marti is glad to have Dez Wellston back in Kansas City.

Dak Draper’s Dreams Come True Challenge

Dak Draper lists a bunch of things that he is (including “…a father, probably”). He says he’s a philanthropist, so for his next challenge, he wanted to give a less fortunate guy a shot. He says that’s why he went to St. Louis. He says some unkind things about STL, but then says that Kansas City should be called “St. Louis Jr.” He says he found a downtrodden guy in St. Louis and told him it would be a dream come true just to get in the ring with him.


KC vs. STL Series: Dak Draper vs. Dez Wellston

Full match here.

Kansas City leads the series 11-6.

Not a lot of this is shown, so it’s hard to grade. Also, the finish may be botched, and if it isn’t, it seems unnecessarily confusing. Wellston gets a couple nearfalls off a tornado DDT and a running kick. Draper rolls him up and puts his feet on the ropes. That seems like the end, but then the ref sees the feet on the ropes and changes his mind, so Draper hits a doctor bomb to end it.

Winner – Dak Draper (KC 11-6 STL)

Rating – OK (from what was shown)

Afterwards, Draper acts like he wants to help Dez up, but then blows him off.

Blaine Meeks promotional video.

Marti says that this next match was difficult for her to just sit and watch.

Amanda Cole vs. Amber Lynn

Full match here.

Cole wrestles as Nanny AC in Rocky Mountain Pro. Lynn stares at Marti (who did the ring intros) during her entrance. Still not sure of where else Lynn has wrestled or what name(s) she’s used.

This is pretty much a lengthy squash for Lynn. Cole seems game at first, but once Lynn takes over, I don’t think she ever loses control (unless it happens during the commercial break, but I don’t think much of the match was cut). Both women seem capable in the ring. Lynn powerbombs Cole, gives her a big boot, and ultimately finishes her with a second rope draping neckbreaker.

Winner – Amber Lynn

Rating – OK (from what was shown)

Lynn insists that Marti come in the ring and raise her hand. She does, but then she asks Lynn of she remembers what Marti said last time (hint: she said she doesn’t attack from behind). Marti then drops Lynn with a forearm and chases her out of the arena while her music plays.

Ben says Marti had enough. Marti says Lynn had it coming. Ben says it’s time to see if the Howletts have what it takes. Then we have a music video package about the Howletts vs. Royal Blood/Major Baisden feud. Baisden basically had had enough of the carnage the Howletts were causing, so he fired them but put them in a three-match series with the Royals for the chance to get their jobs back.

Tables Match: The Royal Blood (Jet & Jax) vs. The Howletts (Marco & Leonel)

Full match here.

This is the second part of a three-match series. If the Howletts lose all three matches, they can’t get their jobs back. I can’t help but think this is a little counter-intuitive. Usually, it’s the heel authority figure who makes a babyface fight to keep his or her job, but Baisden’s the good guy here. However, the Howletts are hated heels, and the fans would certainly like to see them get the ultimate comeuppance and be given the boot, especially at the hands of the beloved Royal Blood. I can see both sides, and it seems to be working with this crowd, so points for trying something a little bit new.

They try to do a cool spot right out of the gate that sadly doesn’t work out perfectly. One of the Royals usually leapfrogs over the other during their entrance, but this time, Leonel appears out of nowhere and catches the leaping Royal in mid-air. It looks like he wants to do something out of a fireman’s carry, but the momentum ends up causing him to stumble, and he has to settle for dropping him in a botchy-looking slam. It isn’t terrible, but it could’ve been much better.

After commercial, the Howletts go behind the 8 ball when Leonel is superkicked off the apron through a table, eliminating him. The Royals take their time to set Marco on another table, but Leonel comes back in and pushes him off, taking the splash through the table himself. (I can’t defend that one. That’s a total babyface move by the heel.) After a bit, the Royals get Marco on another table on the outside, and one of them gives him a 450 through it to win. Unless I missed something, neither Royal was eliminated.

Winners – The Royal Blood

Rating – OK (from what was shown)

Major Baisden happily announces the Royal Blood as the winners and reminds everyone that the Howletts have lost two. He announces that the final match will be a ladder match with the Howletts’ contracts hanging above the ring.

Overall: OK. Niles Plonk and Chad Barstow are good characters, but Red Cloud feuding with them over a racist joke seems like a step down for him. Dak Draper messing with Blaine Meeks on the last episode was a bigger deal than what he did here. Amber Lynn won a squash match, but I look forward to her and Marti Belle finally battling. I’m guessing the tables match is probably better in full, but the finish was quite a dangerous spot.

Extra! Extra!

Dak Draper says he took Blaine Meeks’s soul because Meeks hasn’t won a match since losing to him.

Leonel Howlett accuses Major Baisden of having a god complex. He says that they’ll die before they lose the last match in the series.

Marti Belle gets into a fight with Amber Lynn backstage.

Red Cloud says that he’ll shove Niles Plonk’s wine bottle where the sun doesn’t shine next time.


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