NWL STL: Jack Foster vs. Ken Dharma (May 21, 2017)

The Yoga Monster meets a real monster.

Kansas City leads the series 11-6.

Ken Dharma was not the least bit worried a week before this match.

Dharma gets the microphone and trashes his hometown of St. Louis, saying it’s become a dump since he left. He criticizes Busch Stadium (home of the Cardinals) for being named after a beer and tells the fans they should be living clean (odd, since he’s been teaming with a wine snob recently…). He says Jack Foster is big, but he can beat bigger and stronger guys through the power of yoga.

As one might expect, Foster manhandles Dharma early, but this doesn’t turn into a squash. Foster hurts his hand when he accidentally chops the ringpost, and Dharma takes advantage by attacking that arm. Foster actually shows vulnerability, and it’s more than momentary. He also continues to sell his arm even when he returns to offense. Dharma isn’t squashed immediately after missing a headstand splash, and he manages to kick out of a massive chokeslam (the expression on his face is perfect) and get some more stuff in. But the big hairy dude is just too…well, big and hairy for him, and Dharma is left looking at the lights after a huge running boot in the corner.

Winner – Jack Foster (KC 11-7 STL)

Rating – OK

Dharma is still good at believably delivering punishment to men much larger than him. I don’t know if it was a good idea to give anyone so much offense against a relatively new monster like Foster, though. I think it made him look a little too vulnerable too soon. I would rather have seen him beat Dharma and maybe one or two more smaller guys handily before butting heads with someone who could really push him. I think Dharma could’ve taken a squashing and recovered just fine.

On the other hand, this is indy wrestling, and the fans don’t really pay to see a lot of squash matches, so I can see why they’d want to make it competitive. Maybe the story is just going at a faster clip than I’d anticipated.


Jack Foster wants a title shot in short order…or else.



One thought on “NWL STL: Jack Foster vs. Ken Dharma (May 21, 2017)

  1. […] I’ve already reviewed this match, so I’ll be brief. The work is good, and Dharma is quite adept at producing believable offense against men much larger than him. But I think it goes a little too long, and I don’t think this is quite the time for the monster Foster to be put in such danger. After taking a lot of arm damage, Foster gets the win with a spear and a helluva kick. […]


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