NWL KC: Red Cloud and Hans Ruger vs. Niles Plonk and Chad Barstow (May 27, 2017) [Episode 21]


This is like a rematch from the last show except Red Cloud has a partner now.

Red Cloud and Ruger make for an imposing team. They’re both big dudes with warrior themes about them, and aside from one minor slip-up, they work well together. Plonk and Barstow are essentially part of a three-man team with Belvedere at ringside. Not only does the butler do it, but he does it twice in this match.

Red Cloud does a little bit I’ve never seen before. The heels lock hands to clothesline him together, but he ducks and pulls on their hands, sending them bumping into each other. Nice change of pace from the norm.

Plonk and Barstow get the heat on Ruger, and the hot tag is delayed when Belvedere pulls Red Cloud off the apron. But once the Austrian throws Barstow with a big ol’ German suplex, it’s only a matter of seconds before he makes it to his corner.

Things look good for Red Cloud until Belvedere grabs his leg again, distracting him long enough for Plonk to hit him in the back. Barstow disposes of Ruger (possibly with a low blow, but it’s hard to tell) and holds Red Cloud, but the referee sees Plonk trying to use his wine bottle again (same way he won last time) and stops him. While his back is turned, Plonk accidentally spits wine in Barstow’s face. Red Cloud sinches Plonk up for a German suplex, but Plonk grabs the ref and kicks Red Cloud low, then hits the uncorker to get another shady pin.

Winners – Niles Plonk and Chad Barstow

Rating – OK

Standard tag team match with a lot of shenanigans at the end. Interested to see how heated this feud gets. Could we get a weird stipulation match? Wine bottle on a pole, maybe?

Red Cloud is tired of Plonk and “Barstool,” so he’s getting Plonk one-on-one next time.


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