NWL KC: Marti Belle vs. Amber Lynn (May 27, 2017) [Episode 22]

Dominican Dynamite!

Marti is over in Kansas City, no surprise there. I don’t know how many of the fans recognized her from her TNA work, but I don’t think that’s the main reason for her popularity. I think the way she was presented at first – as a ring announcer and interviewer who wouldn’t back down and wasn’t afraid to ask the heels the tough questions – made it easy for the crowd to rally behind her once she finally laced up her boots again.

Aligning Amber Lynn (whom I recently discovered also wrestles as Laynie Luck) with the hated Howletts was a good idea to get her instant heat, as was having her attack Marti right out of the gate. They gave her the decent rationale of feeling undervalued by NWL owner Major Baisden and wanting to make a statement, and now she and Marti are on their way to a blood feud.

This being their first actual match, I felt pretty confident going in that it wouldn’t have a definitive conclusion, and I was right. That being the case, it’s hard to give this match the full “Good” rating, but as part of the whole story, it certainly fits well.

Basically, they go at it right away, Marti gets some shine, and Amber takes over for the heat segment. After a while, Marti comes out of a firewoman’s carry with a clothesline for the double down, and then she fires off some offense and gets a nearfall with a rolling elbow. Amber bulls her into the corner, they exchange blows, and they shove the ref down when he tries to break them up. That’s a double DQ right there.

Winner – Nobody

Rating – OK

They keep fighting, and another elbow sends Amber down. Marti gives the referee some guff for throwing it out, and then she chases Amber to the back. Yep, Amber keeps on running…wonder how they might solve that?

Extra! Extra!

Marti is tired and frustrated, but she’s determined to finish Amber off no matter where she has to go.


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