NWL KC: Ray Briggs vs. Cornell Douglass (May 27, 2017) [Episode 21]


We have a cameo at the start by MMA fighter and soon-to-be pro wrestler Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez before Cornell Douglass and Castle interrupt Major Baisden and his PowerPoint. Douglass insults Kansas City and asks why Major has been avoiding him. He calls Major a sellout who’s biased towards KC. Major points out kids from his charity in the crowd, and Douglass insults them, too. Ray Briggs and Roscoe Leech come out (with Leech carrying a pair of grilling tongs from a barbecue held before the show), and Douglass calls them “Colonel Sanders and the hired help.” He’s disgusted that Briggs would let Leech tell him what to do, but Leech says Briggs has found nothing but success since joining him. Major says the match was supposed to be later but decides to have it now.

Kansas City leads the I-70 Series 11-7 going in.

Not a bad match at all. There are a couple awkward bits, but maybe if I don’t mention them specifically, you won’t notice. Cornell is a bruiser, Castle is a cheater, Briggs is flashy and athletic, and Leech doesn’t really do much until the end. Castle interferes big time. Briggs is sent outside twice, and Castle attacks him both times. This allows Douglass to control things in the ring. Briggs manages to come back on his own, though, and he seems to have Douglass beat with an axe kick, but Castle pulls the referee out. The ref is about to call for the bell, but Leech actually gets between him and Castle, imploring that he let the match continue. I suppose he wants Briggs to get a pinfall win instead of a DQ win? Anyway, Briggs pays too much attention to all this and ends up dropped with a dominator and pinned. That would be his first loss since joining the Leech Talent Agency.

Winner – Cornell Douglass (KC 11-8 STL)

Rating – OK

Afterwards, Douglass dumps Briggs out of the ring. Leech tries to give Douglass a low bow, but Douglass no-sells it, and he and Castle beat Leech up. Briggs tries to make the save, but he gets beat up, too. Roscoe is choked with his barbecue tongs, and Douglass and Castle leave on top.



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