NWl KC: Dak Draper and Todd Letterman vs. Blaine Meeks and Maverick (May 27, 2017) [Episode 22]

Flying high again!

This is a good dream partner tag match that I think does a lot to advance Blaine Meeks’s story and give him some much-needed momentum after a series of defeats.

So Blaine’s been on a losing streak ever since Dak Draper beat him to become the first NWL KC Champion.The two guys who’ve beaten Blaine since then just so happen to be Letterman (the NWL STL Champion) and Maverick. This is also Blaine’s first in-ring meeting with Dak since then, though it’s obviously not his obligatory title rematch.

Blaine knows he and Maverick won’t be like Batman and Robin, but can they at least be like Cyclops and Wolverine? Maverick apparently doesn’t like comic book talk.

Blaine excitedly brings an Amazon delivery box out with him and leaves it with the timekeeper. Draper stalls a lot at the beginning of the match as he yells at the chanting crowd. His heel work has been perfect for gaining heat from this particular audience, that’s for sure. And, of course, he won’t start the match with Meeks.

Meeks gets to take on Letterman, and then Maverick tags in and pretty much has to deal with both guys for a while. He doesn’t do anything heelish; he’s just focused on beating his opponents, especially Letterman. We’re a ways into the match before there’s any semblance of teamwork from either team. Draper and Letterman tag in and out and put their boots up for head-ramming. This backfires for Letterman, and Maverick is able to make the hot tag so Meeks can finally get after Draper.

It breaks down with everyone in the ring, and Maverick slams Letterman and fires away. They roll onto the stage and brawl their way to the back. Meeks goes back to his box at ringside and pulls out a silver cape. He ties it around his neck, scales the top rope, and flies onto Draper with a crossbody to get the pin on the champ.

Winners – Blaine Meeks and Maverick

Rating – Good

So Meeks is finally living his superhero dream. Draper leaves incensed, tearing up a fan’s sign on the way out.


Meeks says Draper, Letterman, and Maverick pushed him to become “Super Meeks,” and points out that he’s the first person to pin Dak in the NWL.

The Magnum Minute #17: Dak Draper talks to the Royal Blood about the “Kansas City Screwjob” (funny stuff, and a cameo by Jack Foster).

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