NWL KC: The Royal Blood vs. The Howletts Ladder Match (May 27, 2017)


This is the final match in a three-part series. If the Howletts don’t win, they stay fired. In fact, their contracts are hanging above the ring.

So, what do you like in your ladder matches? Big spots off of ladders? We’ve got that here. Big spots onto ladders? Check. People getting hit with ladders? Check. Guys doing spots instead of going for the macguffin hanging above the ring? Check. What about a sense of urgency to actually win the match? Well, we have some at the beginning, but seriously, who watches ladder matches for that?

Unlike the previous two installments, this match does not start before the bell. Instead, both teams come out slowly and are given in-ring introductions. Then they argue, then they start fighting, and then they run and get ladders. The Howletts grab a tall orange one, and the Royals each get two shorter blue ones (reminding me of that ECW match where the Dudleys, Balls Mahoney, and Masato Tanaka all had color-coded chairs).

I’m not going to run down every spot, but here are a few: a blockbuster off a ladder, a moonsault off a bridged ladder, an elbow drop off a tall ladder, a body slam onto an open ladder. Easily the biggest, scariest bump of the match is when Marco is pushed off a ladder in the ring and falls onto a ladder bridged between the apron and the guardrail. Unlike when WWE does it, the ladder isn’t wooden, so it doesn’t do much more than bend a little and get pushed aside as Marco continues to the hard floor. One of the Royals also takes a ladder to the face that knocks him off the turnbuckle and busts him open.

Finally, the shocking finale comes as the Royal Blood are both on their way up to get the contracts. Through the crowd and over the guardrail come¬†The Blood Brothers,¬†Davey Gibson and Mathew Grundy. They push the ladder over and give them both last ride powerbombs, the roll them out of the ring so Leonel can come in, climb up, and get the contracts, securing the Howletts’ NWL careers.

Winners – The Howletts

Rating – Good

So, yeah…if you like the carnage of the ladder match, this one doesn’t disappoint.

Extra Time!

Davey Gibson says that the Blood Brothers are still the best team in the world. Major Baisden comes in and criticizes them for letting the Howletts get their jobs back, but Grundy says Baisden wasn’t around when he was in the hospital after a match with one of the Royals. Grundy says blood will spill. Baisden says they’ll be hearing from him.

Marco says they finally brought out the real Royal Blood, and that’s what they’ve been here to do this whole time. Leonel says they’re going to make the fans’ lives a living hell.


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