NWL KC: The Royal Blood vs. The Howletts, Tables Match (May 13, 2017)

Watch out for splinters.

This is the second match in a three-match series. Major Baisden fired the Howletts for causing so much havoc, but he put them in this series against the Royal Blood so he could see them get beaten up. The Howletts have to win at least one match to get their jobs back, and they already lost the first one.

I’ve already reviewed a clipped version of this, but I wanted to go back and watch the whole thing before I watched the last match in the series.

This is another wild match, keeping just a little bit slower of a pace than the previous one. Once again, there are no tags, but this time, both members of one team need to go through tables before the match can end.

The only real misstep is at the very beginning when the Howletts intercept the Royals during their entrance. Leonel catches one Royal on his shoulders as he does his regular leapfrog over his brother, but he stumbles in the process and they both go down. He has to pick him back up to do what he wanted.

On the flip side, there’s another spot that could go embarrassingly wrong but doesn’t when Jet Royal runs up a table in the corner and jumps off into a leaping double DDT on both Howletts.

So the Howletts control most of the match, and they actually eliminate Jax Royal early on with a powerbomb from the apron through a table on the floor. This keeps Jax out of the match for a long time while the Howletts toy with Jet and taunt Major Baisden, who is at the timekeeper’s table. They have ample opportunities to put Jet away and win back their jobs, but I guess their pride gets in the way. Jet gets a second wind and makes his own comeback, however, running through both guys as if he’d just made a hot tag. He actually does a running blockbuster that makes one Howlett DDT the other.

Once Jax finally recovers, he gets back in and helps Jet eliminate Leonel with a double superkick off the apron through another table. Leonel gets his wits back in time to save his cousin (I think they’ve said they’re cousins), though, pushing him off a table and taking a flying body attack through it instead. There’s a callback to the last match with Marco avoiding a slingshot kick and hitting an apron powerbomb, but Jet is able to escape a suplex, hit a superkick, and set Marco up on an outside table so Jax can hit a 450 from the top to finish him off.

Winners – The Royal Blood

Rating – Good

I liked the first match better, but this was still one of the better tables matches I’ve seen.

Afterwards, Major Baisden announces that the final match of the series will be a ladder match with the Howeltts’ contracts hanging above the ring.


Leonel says Major Baisden has a god complex, but they’ll have to kill Marco and him to keep them from getting their jobs back. The NWL ends next week. Aside from wanting to kill the company, this actually sounds like a babyface promo.


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