NWL KC: The Royal Blood vs. The Howletts, Texas Tornado Match (April 29, 2017)

Let’s watch the whole thing this time.

I’ve already reviewed a heavily clipped version of this match, but I wanted to go back and see the whole thing before I got t0 the third match in the series.

The set-up: The Howletts and Amber Lynn held Marti Belle hostage to get Major Baisden to give them the Royal Blood. Baisden talked it over with the Jet and Jax Royal, and then he fired the Howletts. But then he said that he had such confidence in the Royals and such a strong desire to see the Howletts get beaten up that they would still get three matches with the Royal Blood (without pay or benefits). If they won any of the matches, they could have their jobs back. This match started immediately after that confrontation.

This one’s a high-flying brawl, if there is such a thing. Texas tornado rules means all four guys are legal at the same time, no tagging required. It also seems to mean no disqualifications or count outs, because Amber Lynn gets involved a handful of times. The Royals start things off with stereo flip dives, and then parts of the protective mats are removed at ringside. Things go back and forth for a while, though the Howletts seem to control most of the offense in the second half until the end.

Both teams use a few of their regular double team moves and combos. The move that stands out the most to me is one where one Howlett does a swinging backbreaker, then picks his man up so the other Howlett can hit a neckbreaker right back over the knee. Pretty cool.

Amber Lynn’s hubris comes back to bite her when she gets knocked off the apron by a Howlett miscue, and she decides to hang back after that. Marco Howlett tries to finish off one Royal with a powerbomb on the apron, but he’s thwarted and ends up taking a loud slingshot kick to the face and a tornado DDT on the exposed ringside floor. Leonel then gets a move countered into a roll, a superkick, and blackout-style a curb stomp, leaving him prone for a 450 splash and a shooting star to end the match and bring Major Baisden back out clapping.

Winners – Royal Blood

Rating – Good

The Royal Blood celebrate for a while to end the video.

Extra Credit!

After Amber Lynn explains her actions, Marco says Major made a huge mistake. Leonel describes the kind of man Major is and says that it’s not business anymore, it’s personal. They’re going to burn Major, the Royals, and everyone on that side to the ground.


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