NWL STL Episode 17 Review

Billion Dollar Brother = New Andy Kaufman?

Taped on May 21, 2017

Five Direction Debuts

Five Direction are Chippy and C-Note (known as Stevie Fierce and Rob Matter elsewhere), obviously doing a One Direction riff. They say they’re here to dance, and they do so…sort of. Thor Theriot interrupts, making his first STL appearance. He gets cheers for his names but boos for his affiliation with KC. He says he came to fight, but neither Chippy nor C-Note want to do that (“We’re entertainers, baby!”). They leave, but Spike of the Party Crashers comes out to accept Thor’s challenge instead.

Thor Theriot vs. Spike

This doesn’t seem to be part of the KC vs. STL Series.

Fine match where Thor is the heel, attacking before the bell and doing some aggravated choking in the ropes. Thor controls most of the match, but Spike fights back with a codebreaker and an Ace crusher in sequence. Thor hits his slingshot falcon arrow. Spike escapes Ragnarök once but ends up hit with it again to take the clean loss.

Winner – Thor Theriot

Rating – OK

Kyle O’Reilly plugs the NWL as “real wrestling.”

The Marti Party

This was called “The Marti Minute” in KC. Marti Belle is interrupted by Emmett Dubois (with Clayton Fox) to complain that this isn’t another edition of “The Billion Dollar Boardroom.” He says it isn’t fair that he has to pay to get a segment, but Marti gets one for free. Marti says she has talent, worked hard, and is someone the fans actually want to see. She asks Dubois if he’s actually going to have a match tonight instead of making excuses like usual, and Dubois suggests she fight him. Marti starts taking off her earrings, but Neon Iverson runs in and attacks Dubois, sending him outside. Iverson says there are a lot of wrestlers in the back, but Dubois wants to fight a woman? He challenges him to get back in and fight him. Dubois keeps arguing with Marti, so Iverson squashes him with a high crossbody onto the stage.

“Billion Dollar Brother” Emmett Dubois w/ Clayton Fox vs. Neon Iverson

This is a pretty exciting match thanks to Iverson’s energy and Dubois’s displays of strength. The early part is like an Iverson highlight reel, what with the aforementioned crossbody, a missile dropkick, a coast-to-coast dropkick, and a tope all happening in short order. Dubois does get to take control soon and show his power with a stalling suplex and a sky high (countering a flying move). For a guy who’s prone to making excuses to get out of matches, he’s pretty good. An Ace crusher sets Dubois up for perhaps a 450 from Iverson, but Clayton Fox throws a handful of bills. Iverson comes down and jaw with him, and while the referee is trying to get Fox off the apron, Dubois hits Iverson with the ring bell to steal a victory.

Winner – Emmett Dubois

Rating – Good

Dubois and Fox stomp on Iverson, but Dez Wellston runs in to make the save. Dubois flees, leaving Fox in to take a few more shots before he’s tossed and the Soldiers stand tall.

Maverick tells you what show you’re watching.

Xavier Church Debuts

Xavier Church (AKA Connor Braxton) cuts a promo about how great he is. He says that, since this is his debut, he’s technically undefeated, so he’s an undefeated future star. He tells the crowd to remember where they are right now, because “all eyes are on Xavier when church is in session.”

Xavier Church vs. Boulder

Impressive showing from Church, and a fine performance by Boulder (aside from one crossbody attempt). It’s the first match on this show to start tentatively. Church is big, and I’d like to see him sized up against Todd Letterman, Jack Foster, or Red Cloud. He’s quite full of himself here, taking time between pretty much every move to smile to the crowd and beckon them to bask in his greatness. Boulder’s no cruiserweight, but he almost moves like one. He’s been deceptively entertaining in the ring when I’ve seen him. Much like Iverson, he shows a lot of fire and energy. His selling when he takes big shots is fun, too. Xavier beats him with a “hallelujah” cutter where he lifts him out of a cradle into a suplex, then turns it into an Ace crusher.

Winner – Xavier Church

Rating – Good

Ken Dharma Returns Home

Ken Dharma comes out and shows his yoga skills. He says St. Louis is his hometown, but now he realizes it’s a dump. He runs down a few of the local sites and businesses, criticizing the baseball stadium being named after beer. He says the power of yoga will make him bigger and stronger than Jack Foster, then speaks some Nepali (I think).

KC vs. STL Series: Ken Dharma vs. Jack Foster

Kansas City leads the series 11-6.

I’ve already reviewed this match, so I’ll be brief. The work is good, and Dharma is quite adept at producing believable offense against men much larger than him. But I think it goes a little too long, and I don’t think this is quite the time for the monster Foster to be put in such danger. After taking a lot of arm damage, Foster gets the win with a spear and a helluva kick.

Winner – Jack Foster (KC 11-7 STL)

Rating – OK

Overall: Good. Two very enjoyable matches, two decent matches, two debuts (well, three if you count Thor). A fine hour-ish of wrestling, even without much main event-level storyline advancement.


Still disgusted with the state of modern wrestling, Jack Foster demands a championship match…or else.

Xavier Church came to help St. Louis in the I-70 series. He signed the most lucrative contract, so he’s the man. Catchphrase.

Marti has never heard of Five Direction, but they claim to be five-time Grammy nominees, and they’re beat any opponents five ways to Sunday.


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