NWL STL Episode 19 Review


Taped on June 4, 2017

“Billion Dollar Brother” Emmett Dubois & Clayton Fox vs. The Soldiers (Dez Wellston & Neon Iverson)

Decent tag match that gets a little clunky at the end. This was set up on episode 17 when Dubois beat Iverson by using the ring bell, and Wellston made the save after the match. Dubois lets Fox start, of course, and both of the Soldiers take turns handing his butt to him. Iverson does one of those amazing rope-jumping arm drags that luchadores like to do. Dubois has to distract him so Fox can get a kick in and make the tag. Then Dubois gets the heat on Wellston while letting Fox come in for a few shots once or twice. Iverson runs wild after the hot tag. Dubois accidentally hits Fox with a roll of coins or something, and Iverson gets a visual pin on Dubois with a frog crossbody, but the referee is busy checking on Fox. Fox recovers fairly quickly and dumps Wellston. He hits a chinbreaker on Iverson, and then Dubois hits a swinging backbreaker to pin him (though he seems to have trouble deciding how).

Winners – Emmett Dubois & Clayton Fox

Rating – OK

Arik Cannon tells you what you’re watching.

Tommy Flagg, Insult Comic

Tommy Flagg says that the crowd doesn’t like him because “a winner is me” (video game reference). He claims his winning streak is at 109-0, and he ditched August Marshall (his partner in the Anti-Social Network) because he’s a loser. He rips on specific fans, telling one kid that he’ll be a loser at whatever he wants to be when he grows up. Have I mentioned that Flagg is probably in the top three for promos in the NWL?

Tommy Flagg vs. Dante Poe

This is Poe’s NWL debut. He also goes by the names of Joe Black and Joseph A’Gau, according to this very handy list by Patrick Brandmeyer. He’s short but muscular, and he has a lot of moves in his arsenal, though he doesn’t hit all of them perfectly. He gets a lot of shine in this one, perhaps getting in more offense than the ultimate victor. Flagg is always funny when he’s being spun around by technical wrestling, shouting out his confusion as to what’s going on. He takes a lot of moves throughout the match including a big knee to the face and a back cracker off the second rope (someone tell Blaine Meeks). Flagg proves the more resilient and crafty as he lures Poe into the ropes and snaps the bottom rope back into his face. Then he hits a Sister Abigail-esque flatliner to keep his streak alive.

Winner – Tommy Flagg

Rating – OK

Dez Wellston tells you what you’re watching.

Jay Lutz Calls Out Marcellus Gaines

Lutz insists that Gaines leave his “boyfriend” (Drew Gold) in the back. Gaines gives Lutz some props, but he says he already has a match. He knows Gold doesn’t want him to fight Jay, but he insists that Gold works for him, not the other way around. Gaines promises that if Lutz can win his next two matches, Gaines will face him.

Jay Lutz vs. Christian Adonis

Not bad except for one awkward attempt by Adonis to catch Lutz in the ring skirt that doesn’t seem to play out the way they wanted. Lutz does get crotched in it, though, so it works out. Adonis definitely doesn’t make Lutz’s road to Marcellus Gaines easy, dominating Lutz for most of the match. He almost puts him away a couple of times; I was about ready to type that he’d won with a uranagi into a sit-out spinebuster. But Lutz’s tenacity pays off in the end as he pins Adonis after escaping a backdrop, hitting a lariat to the back, and double-stomping the back of Adonis’s head.

Winner – Jay Lutz

Rating – Good

Maverick tells you what you’re watching.

Drew Gold and Marcellus Gaines Clear the Air

Drew Gold wants to answer the question on everyone’s mind: Are he and Marcellus on the same page? Gold says they’re on the same syllable. He also says that he’s good with the NWL, because they finally got Marcellus some competition in Mathew Grundy.

“Greatness” Marcellus Gaines w/ Drew Gold vs. Mathew Grundy

These two go well together as they pretty much try to show each other up, at least in the standing moonsault department. Grundy makes the mistake of trying to out-box the boxer, and he pays for it. There’s a lot of good, athletic action, but the real story comes as Drew Gold’s interference backfires twice in one match. First, he distracts the referee as Grundy goes for a last ride, but Gaines rolls through into a sunset flip and the ref isn’t there to count. Then he tries to hold Grundy’s leg down during a pin attempt, but the ref catches him. Grundy ends up getting the win with a last ride.

Winner – Mathew Grundy

Rating – Good

Gaines stares down Gold after the match.

Kyle O’Reilly tells you what you’re watching.

Davey Gibson vs. “The Violent Artist” Kyle O’Reilly

This is a rematch from episode 11 where O’Reilly beat Gibson by submission. In an interview afterwards, Gibson vowed not only to get a another match, but also to tap O’Reilly out.

Long, hard-hitting, submission-heavy match with maybe one slip-up (or two, depending on whether or not the false finish near the end was planned). If you like Kyle O’Reilly’s style of wrestling, this is your bag. Gibson takes the fight to him and frustrates him a lot, but he also takes a licking himself. They both go after each other’s left arm. Lots of MMA-type submission attempts, though I wouldn’t classify this as totally shoot-style. Gibson frustrates O’Reilly this time, and O’Reilly actually brings the ring bell in, but he has second thoughts and puts it back without using it. Controversy ensues when the referee seems to give a three count as O’Reilly has Davey in a small package, but Davey kicks out right at the three. The ref either calls for the bell or signals “two” to the bell ringer, and the bell rings briefly. Everyone’s confused, but the ref eventually takes O’Reilly arm to raise it. General manager Matt Jackson comes out and demands that the match be restarted. Kyle attacks Davey, but Davey rolls him into an armbar and then a triangle. O’Reilly picks him up and drops him, but Davey recovers first and locks in a crossface. O’Reilly finally gives in and taps.

Winner – Davey Gibson

Rating – Good

O’Reilly shows Gibson respect afterwards. He teases turning on him, but it’s just a joke.

Overall: Good. Big-time main event, progression of the Gaines/Gold/Lutz stories, a promising debut, and Tommy Flagg talking.

Extra! Extra!

Tommy Flagg claims that he went to the back after his match and had more fights, so now he’s 125-0. He says he’s the smartest man in the NWL and he’ll find a way to beat anybody. Then he tells a story about an octopus and a fish in a bottle.


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