NWL KC: Blaine Meeks vs. Scott Slade (June 10, 2017) [Episode 23]

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a crossbody land from that distance before.

Meeks hypes up the crowd before the match. He talks about how the fans inspired him to become “Super Meeks” at the last show and how he’s the first man to pin KC Champion Dak Draper in the NWL, so he’s no longer asking but demanding his title rematch. Scott Slade comes out, making his first appearance since a three-way with Jeremy Wyatt and Thor Theriot, and the announcers actually bring up his recent tour of Japan.

I enjoyed this match. I like Slade’s style – his judo throws, his deadlift suplex, the way he moves around the ring. He doesn’t have much of a personality under this gimmick, though. He and Meeks go back and forth with the chain wrestling before kind of fighting back and forth with neither getting a very dominant advantage. Of course, Slade made his debut against Dak Draper way back when, and he put up a fight against him, too, so it makes sense. (There’s one mistake in the middle where Meeks thinks Slade is supposed to stop his strike and counter, but Slade doesn’t do it, so Meeks stops himself and it looks awkward and kind of took me out of things, but I got back into it shortly afterwards.)

Slade starts to look like he’s got things going more in his favor, but then they bump heads and Meeks tumbles to the floor. While Slade is recovering, Meeks pulls a white cape from under the ring and puts it on. This energizes him for his second wind, and he runs wild on Slade, finally pinning him with a high crossbody from a crazy distance!

Winner – Blaine Meeks

Rating – Good

Dak Draper’s music hits, and Meeks gets ready to fight, but Ken Dharma comes from behind with a kendo stick (and a Pee Wee Herman shirt) to attack. He beats Meeks and chokes him with the stick. Meeks tries to mount a comeback, but to no avail, and Dharma leaves him lying.

High on Extras!

Dharma says he made a statement to get the attention of the NWL. He also talks about his victory over Hans Ruger earlier in the night and reminds us of all his nicknames, then makes a serial killer face.

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