NWL KC: Hans Ruger vs. Ken Dharma (June 10, 2017) [Episode 23]

These two would be a tag team in Rocky Mountain Pro…

This is a solid enough match with some fun spots, but it was kind of slow. I think perhaps Ruger’s style, which involves a lot of pausing between moves, might be more suitable for a heel. I feel like he should be more like the Ultimate Warrior, shaking the ropes and running around like a madman. He certainly comes across as an energetic wildman when he talks…just not so much when he wrestles. He does show some good power moves, which isn’t hard against someone of Dharma’s size and flexibility. He actually tosses him into the ring from the floor with a fall away slam, which requires Dharma to go through the ropes. And I really like his belly to belly suplex later in the match.

Dharma also likes to slow things down between moves, but he’s a bad guy, so it makes more sense for him. I like his leg whip DDT and his stretchy leg superkick. He does fall on his face trying a springboard, though, so that dampens things.

Shenanigans happen after the referee eats a superkick. Ruger hits a crucifix powerbomb (the Alpine drop), but there’s no one to count. While Ruger tries to revive the ref, Dharma pulls a kendo stick from under the ring and hits Ruger in the throat. He stacks Ruger up and puts his feet on the ropes to get the pin.

Winner – Ken Dharma

Rating – OK

But Wait, There’s Extra!

Hans brings the microphone to Marti to interview him. He says he and Dharma are going to solve their issues the Austrian way…with a posedown.


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