NWL KC: Jack Foster vs. Max Edwards (June 10, 2017) [Episode 23]

Jack Foster doesn’t need shakes to get his protein.

This is an I-70 Series match. Kansas City leads the series 13-9.

Edwards tries to psych Foster out by showing off his ability to do squats, but Foster just beats him up in and out of the ring. Edwards tries to make peace by offering him a protein shake. Foster threatens to hit him with it, but the ref takes it away, so he just punches Edwards instead. Edwards gets some kicks and stuff in, and Foster just takes it all and gives him the wild-eyed stare. Edwards gets a nearfall with an eye gouge and a TKO. He does some sit-ups, and Foster just does one (ala the Undertaker) and grabs him by the throat. Edwards gets free and lands some kicks, but he gets speared and then chokeslammed to end his night.

Winner – Jack Foster (KC 13-10 STL)

Rating – OK

Not as much of a squash as I was expecting, but I think they worked it out well enough to allow Edwards to get some offense while still presenting Foster as a scary dude who’s hard to hurt or beat.


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