NWL KC: The Howletts vs. Gil Rogers and Ray Briggs (June 10, 2017) [Episode 23]

When helping hurts.

The Howletts are fresh off winning their contracts back in a ladder match against the Royal Blood (thanks to help from the Blood Brothers). They come out wearing orange “Power Point” shirts to mock NWL owner Major Baisden’s favorite computer program. Marco says just like using PowerPoint, it was a really bad idea for Major to give them three chances to get their contracts back. Leonel says the Royal Blood knows where to find them, and he puts the locker room on notice.

Ray Briggs’ managerĀ Roscoe Leech is out in a neckbrace, selling the beatdown he got from Cornell Douglass and Castle last time.

The match itself is a fairly energetic one. The Howletts attack Rogers and Briggs right at the bell. The babyfaces show some good teamwork early on. I’m really liking their tag team chemistry lately. It’s a shame they seem to be heading towards a breakup. The Howletts get heat on Briggs and hit him pretty hard, but he does fight back a couple times during the segment. Countering a two-on-one suplex into a double neckbreaker gives him the opening to make the hot tag, and Gil comes in with his usual old school babyface offense that I love to see. After things break down, Roscoe gets up on the apron. At first, it looks like Gil wants him to punch Marco, but then he seems to be telling him to get out of the way. Marco runs into Leech, knocking him down, and Gil rolls him into an O’Conner roll. But the ref checks on Leech, and Leonel kicks Gil into Marco’s roll up for the pin. Kind of cheating, but kind of not.

Winners – The Howletts

Rating – Good

I really liked the energy in this one.

Extra Cheese!

Gil says he was closer than ever to getting his first win. Roscoe says he was just trying to help. Gil angrily goes over what happened and storms off. Roscoe pitifully says all he ever wanted to do was help Gil Rogers get a W.


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