NWL KC: Niles Plonk vs. Red Cloud (June 10, 2017) [Episode 23]

Apparently, you CAN find good help these days.

Red Cloud has been cheated out of handicapped and tag team victories over Plonk. This is his chance to get him one-on-one.

Very solid work from these two. Back when Red Cloud was mocked on Plonk’s interview segment, I thought we were in for a comedic feud, but the in-ring work has actually been quite serious. Plonk attacks Red Cloud on the floor during his entrance, but Red Cloud turns it around in the ring when he becomes the first to counter the grape stomps by grabbing Plonk’s feet and tossing him. Shortly after, he takes Plonk from the ground into a front slam position, then tosses him onto his shoulder and powerslams him. That looked great.

After Red Cloud misses a jumping knee in the corner, Plonk attacks that leg with chop blocks to get the heat. Red Cloud really sells it, and Plonk adds insult to injury by using an Indian deathlock. (What version of “Indian” was that move named after, anyway?) Plonk’s butler,¬†Belvedere, also takes a shot when the ref isn’t looking.

Plonk keeps on the leg until Red Cloud starts Tatanka-ing up. He clobbers Plonk with a ¬†headbutt and a creative clothesline to the chest. He then pulls him out of the corner and applies a sort of Indian deathlock/Texas cloverleaf hybrid. Then we get double the shenanigans, because first, Plonk taps while Belvedere is distracting the referee. Red Cloud grabs him by the tie, but it’s revealed to be a clip-on, and he easily escapes. Then Red Cloud hits Plonk with the bow and arrow drop, and Belvedere distracts the ref again. Red Cloud knocks him down this time, but Plonk smashes a bottle over his head. That disqualifies him, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Winner – Red Cloud by DQ

Rating – Good

I’m surprised to rate a match with a DQ finish so highly, but man, I was really into Red Cloud’s power moves and Plonk’s leg work.

Plonk gets in Red Cloud’s face afterwards and says some stuff. Red Cloud is out of it until after Plonk has left.

Extra Class!

Plonk claims a “clean finish” and invites Red Cloud onto The Tasting Room to settle their differences in a civilized and sophisticated way.


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