NWL KC: Dak Draper vs. A Mystery Opponent (June 10, 2017) [Episode 24]

If one’s a half pint, the other’s a whole liter.

This isn’t so much a match as it is a massive troll job by the NWL’s top heel. First, Draper comes out in a Jamaal Charles Denver Broncos jersey. Kansas City Chiefs fans hate the Broncos, and they’re likely pissed at Charles for jumping ship. Then, Draper says that Charles has inspired him to push himself, so tonight, he’ll take on his “biggest” challenge yet. Next, he teases giving Blaine Meeks his title rematch, but says he doesn’t deserve it yet. Instead, he’ll be facing the son of a Wrestlemania legend…from St. Joseph, MO…standing 4’5″…Beautiful Bobby.

Beautiful Bobby (AKA Bobby Dean) is one of the sons of Lord Littlebrook, veteran of Wrestlemania III. You may recognize him fromĀ Half Pint Brawlers, the Spike TV reality show about a midget wrestling group. He’s been wrestling for, like, 20 years, so he’s quite experienced. But he’s a good two feet shorter than Draper. (Dak’s “biggest” challenge. Get it?)

Draper is defending the NWL KC Championship…I think.

Bobby’s actually fired up, but Draper takes his sweet time taking off his jersey, handing off his title belt, and jawing with the crowd. Draper shoves Bobby off in a lock-up and poses. Bobby slips through his legs to avoid a charge, so Draper humors him and gets on his knees. Bobby kicks him and gives him a bulldog. Draper looks annoyed, and he goes for a powerbomb, but Bobby punches him until he sets him on the top rope. Bobby does another bulldog and covers, but Dak throws him off. The referee catches him and tosses him back onto Dak. This happens a few times, and Bobby starts celebrating, but Dak is pissed. He lariats Bobby and pins him with the doctor bomb, then celebrates like he just overcame

Winner – Dak Draper

Rating – Good

That’s right, I said “good.” Maybe it wasn’t Omega vs. Okada, but the whole segment got Dak even more over as a heel, giving the fans even more reason to celebrate when Blaine Meeks (hopefully) puts him in his place someday. We also got some classic midget wrestling spots, and I wouldn’t be unhappy if Beautiful Bobby came back for a proper minis match sometime.

Extra Heat!

Marti presses Dak on giving Blaine Meeks a rematch and asks why Ken Dharma attacked Blaine while Draper’s music plays. Dak makes excuses and tells her to talk to Major Baisden.


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