NWL KC: Jeremy Wyatt vs. Thor Theriot, 2 Out of 3 Falls (June 10, 2017) [Episode 24]

Kill the king.

This is the culmination of a feud that really got started in February at the third NWL KC show. Thor beat Wyatt in the first round of the KC Title Tournament, so Wyatt and manager Michael Strider cost Thor his next couple matches, including his next tournament match. Since then, Thor has one more victory over Wyatt, but it was a controversial one where Wyatt’s shoulder was actually up before the three count, and Wyatt and Strider beat down Thor afterwards. But now that Thor has taken care of Strider, it’s time for he and Wyatt to finally settle their score.

Unsurprisingly, this is now my favorite match in NWL history. I know I just wrote that about Thor vs. Strider, but as great as that was, this one edges it out of my personal top spot. They did everything they needed to do to make this an epic end to their feud. They started off hot by slapping each other, followed by Thor taking advantage of Wyatt’s hubris to score a quick first fall with the Ragnarök. The second fall’s a bit longer, with Wyatt surviving a beating and hurting Thor with the guardrail. He slows things down and methodically picks Thor apart for a while. Thor makes a comeback, but he eventually springboards into an Ace crusher and eats a piledriver to give Wyatt fall #2.

The third fall takes up about half of the whole match, and it builds really well. They both start out down on the mat. Wyatt gets going first and starts to viciously work Thor’s arm. He takes him outside, but Thor resets things again with a spinebuster through the timekeeper’s table. Back in the ring, they have a long strike exchange that starts with them on their knees and builds to them standing and forearming each other at the same time. I’m normally not into strike exchanges, but I think this one works due to its placement in the match. Both guys are exhausted and can’t do much more than throw forearms at first. Then their hatred for each other just fires them up again.

After that, there are some really dramatic move exchanges and counters, keeping the crowd guessing about who will come out on top each time. Thor counter’s Wyatt’s apron piledriver with an apron DVD. They trade submission attempts. They each kick out of a pair of the other’s big moves – Thor survives an elbow drop and a lightning spiral, and Wyatt beats the count on a swanton bomb and a piledriver. Finally, Thor finishes his nemesis off with a pair of Ragnaröks. What a battle.

Winner – Thor Theriot

Rating – Good


Thor says he’s slayed the devil and conquered the king. Next, he takes the crown. 


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