NWL KC: Royal Blood vs. Maverick and Dez Wellston (June 10, 2017) [Episode 24]

Zombie STL?

Kansas City leads the I-70 Series 13-10.

There’s a lot of stuff going on here both during and surrounding the match itself. This takes place the day after Major Baisden officially announced that the NWL STL is finished, and Jax Royal (I think) is the one to break the news to the fans at this show. Of course, since this is Kansas City, the news gets a lot of cheers and a “St. Louis sucks” chant. (So what if people lost their jobs? Their baseball team is better than ours, so we hate them!) Jax adds that he and Jet still have unfinished business with the Blood Brothers (“or whatever they want to call themselves”), and they’re coming after them no matter where they’re booked. This doesn’t really sound like a babyface promo to me -and I’m from Kansas City – but the crowd treats it like one.

The match itself is fine. Everyone seems extra grumpy, which doesn’t make for a lot of energy early on, but it does lead to Dez and especially STL Champion Maverick hitting a little harder. Maverick especially goes hard at keeping Jax from tagging in. At one point, he “accidentally” falls in the ring to distract the referee from Jet making the tag. Later, he pulls Jax off the apron to prevent a tag. He and Dez also hit an interesting running kick/DVD combo. Jet finally comes back with a twisting blockbuster and gets that needed tag.

The Royal Blood both get caught on slingshot dives, but they slip out and send their opponents into each other, then hit a stereo tope con hilos. Jax doesn’t land well, though, and he seems to hurt his knee. Jet gets back in the ring with Maverick, but he takes a big lariat and a running Gory bomb, giving the makeshift St. Louis team the upset over the twins.

Winners – Maverick & Dez Wellston (KC 13-11 STL)

Rating – OK

While Jax is being tended to on the floor, Maverick leaves by himself. As Dez starts to make his way out, we briefly see NWL STL general managerĀ Matt Jackson come out and start talking to him. Jackson would later reveal in his Facebook live Q&A that he told Dez to come join him, ditch his NWL gimmick, and go back to being Mike Outlaw. We shall see where that goes on a future episode…


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