NWL KC: Anthony Gutierrez vs. Brandon Osborn (July 10, 2017) [Episode 24]

Just getting warmed up.

A Titan FC veteran, Ultimate Fighter veteran (or contestant?), and the first graduate of the NWL Training and Performance Center, “Sharkbait” Gutierrez looks pretty solid in his pro wrestling debut. He’s from my hometown, though, so I could be biased. He said to expect a hybrid fighter, and that’s really what he tries to be, mixing MMA-style submissions and strikes with pro wrestling-style strikes and a flashy spot or two. He even busts out a running shooting star press. It’s good that he can mix stuff like that in with his legitimate martial arts skills.

Brandon Osborn is just a tomato can here, getting in very little offense. I don’t think this is his pro debut, though, because he seems to know his way around the ring and he takes and sells all of Gutierrez’s stuff well. He has a good, albeit generic, tattooed indy guy look.

Gutierrez picks up the win with a spinning back kick and a triangle-type choke.

Winner – Anthony Gutierrez

Rating – OK

Michael Strider, who has been watching the whole match from the stage, comes in and congratulates Sharkbait on is win. He says that Gutierrez may be a black belt in multiple arts, but Strider is a black belt in pro wrestling. He challenges Gutierrez to a match in two weeks, and Sharkbait readily accepts. Strider then mocks Gutierrez’s fans and says that they’re all going to be heartbroken once Strider takes him to school.


Gutierrez says he respects Strider, but Strider disrespected him. He’s here to take on the biggest challenges available.

Strider reiterates what he said before.


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