NWL KC: Devlin vs. Shane Sanders (June 24, 2017) [Episode 25]

The orange shirts are coming?

Devlin hasn’t been seen since Ray Briggs finally got his comeuppance on him, but he’s back now, and he’s royally peeved. After lambasting the fans, he says he’s the smartest wrestler in the NWL and criticizes the company for giving more bookings to the orange-shirted staff guys than to him. Shane comes out with taped wrists and ring gear on under his orange shirt as the crowd chants, “Let’s go, staff!” Devlin asks if he’s here to sweep the ring, but Shane (identified with a last name only his graphic) seems to make a challenge for a match, and that’s what we get.

Shane gets some shine and actually looks pretty good. I don’t know how long he’s been training or if this is even his first match, but he looks comfortable in the ring. Devlin is a great choice to make him look good, too, as his bumps and reactions are golden every time. He gives Shane a lot here, and it’s not a long match. He does take over in the middle, and Shane makes a comeback, but Devlin puts him away with a low DDT and his feet on the ropes.

Winner – Devlin

Rating – Good

If they’re looking for a way to give their training center guys some ring time, I can’t think of a better way than this.

Extras R Us

Devlin seems to think that beating Shane earns him a title shot. Ben Miller is a little weirded out.


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