NWL KC: Belvedere vs. Red Cloud (June 24, 2017) [Episode 25]

Just pin him! Oh, whatever.

Niles Plonk is out with Belvedere, of course, and he says that there won’t be any new edition of “The Tasting Room” as planned tonight. He blames Red Cloud, saying that Red Cloud demanded a rematch with him instead. Plonk says if Red Cloud can beat Belvedere tonight, he’ll give him that rematch. Red Cloud comes out and says he’ll accept that no matter what the stipulation is. Plonk says if Red Cloud loses to Belvedere, he has to be Plonk’s butler for a month.

This is Belvedere’s first singles match in the NWL as far as I’m aware, and being a simple lackey, he doesn’t do much to impress (nor is he supposed to). His offense is mostly clubbing forearms and a chinlock, though he does try (and fail) to do a couple of Plonk’s signature bits. Whenever he’s left to his own devices, Red Cloud handily takes control, as one would expect. Plonk has to distract the Lakota Warrior multiple times for Belvedere to have his chances. Red Cloud’s most impressive feat of strength is picking Belvedere off the second rope for a powerbomb, but Belvedere throws his wrist tape to distract the ref so Plonk can grab Red Cloud’s leg, so the move is never completed.

It all comes down to Red Cloud going for the bow and arrow drop, but he sees Plonk messing around with his tomahawk. He goes and snatches it from him, then turns around and accidentally smacks Belvedere with the hilt. The referee calls for the bell, and Belvedere wins by disqualification, which still counts as win.

Winner – Belvedere by DQ

Rating – OK

Niles Plonk celebrates like he won the lottery. I’ve gotta say, Red Cloud doesn’t look too smart after that. I haven’t seen any prior signs that the tomahawk Red Cloud usually carries with him is anything special, so giving up an easy victory to protect it seems kind of foolish. But wrestling does have a long history of babyfaces being dumb (see: Sting trusting people in WCW).

If this leads to seeing Red Cloud tear up a fancy butler tux, though, it should all be worth it.

Extra Snobbery!

Niles Plonk is proud of himself as he makes Red Cloud pour him some wine. He says he’s going to make him classy.


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