NWL KC: Marti Belle vs. Amber Lynn (June 24, 2017) [Episode 25]

Keep your nose clean.

They go pretty hard in this one. Amber stays true to her usual form and attacks Marti during her entrance. Marti suplexes her on the floor, but she comes back and scoop slams her, the  drives her back into the ring post. In the ring, Marti fires back with a series of shots, but Amber takes control again soon after. She pounds on her and tries to tap her with a crossface chicken wing, then tries to wear her down with some holds. There are a few attacks targeting the back, but nothing Anderson-like. Marti rises from the tree of Joey Lawrence to toss Amber off the top. After they both recover, they trade a few shots and moves (nice spinebuster by Amber), and Amber bleeds from the nose. She tries to set Marti up for something through the ropes, but Marti blocks and pulls Amber onto the apron, then pedigrees her (ouch). She rolls her back in and gets three.

Winner – Marti Belle

Rating – Good

The only thing I would change would be to have Marti sell her back after getting run into the post and have that be the story of the match, but it’s no big deal. If that’s the end of the feud, that was fast. They only had a few confrontations and one match before this (a double DQ). If it’s not the end, I don’t know what Amber has left. That was a pretty definitive finish.

I hope we get to see both of these ladies against other female talent soon. They’re both good.


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