NWL KC: Blaine Meeks and Jet Royal vs. Besties in the World (Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett) (June 24, 2017) [Episode 26]

The blood is bad.

Kansas City still leads the I-70 Series 13-9

The Besties were the Blood Brothers, but since siding with #Anarchy, they’ve reverted to their preferred names of Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett. They’ve been feuding with the Royal Blood for some time now, but since Jax Royal is injured, Blaine Meeks has volunteered to sub for him.

The Besties aren’t happy that they still have their Blood Brothers entrance video. When Ben Simon announces them as “Davey Gibson and Mathew Grundy,” Fitchett takes the mic and makes the proper introductions.

Now, the match. I like this one. It’s long, but it fits the narrative and succeeds at pulling off two heat segments and two hot tags. Meeks and Vega wrestle to stalemate. Fitchett gets control on Jet for the first heat segment. The Besties have their way with him, pulling his hair and choking him, milking every five count for all it’s worth and mocking the crowd all the way through. Meeks runs wild on the first hot tag but is eventually overwhelmed, taking an even longer beating from the more experienced team.

Jet gets the ultimate hot tag, and then tagging stops being necessary, because everyone’s flying everywhere. There’s a lot of back and forth. We get dives by both babyfaces. Meeks goes for his cape, but the Besties snatch it away before he can put it on. Meeks hits a backstabber onto Vega, sending him into Fitchett, and then he dropkicks Fitchett so he DDTs Vega. Jet hits a shooting star on Vega, but Fitchett saves. Meeks goes for the cape again, but Matt Jackson runs out to argue with the referee while Mike Outlaw hits Meeks with a pair of handcuffs. He hits Jet on the way out as well, and the Besties get the pin to tighten the series.

Winners – Besties in the World (KC 13-10 STL)

Rating – Good

The Besties get the #Anarchy entrance video for their victory.

Extra Spite!

Mike Outlaw says he’s no longer a character who wrestles. He’s here to be real, raw, and authentic. He tosses a pair of green shorts.

Major Baisden is unhappy with Matt Jackson’s actions, but Jackson is unhappy with how Maverick beat Mike Outlaw earlier. Major sets a rematch for the next KC show, and if anyone interferes, they’re all suspended. (My opinion: everyone involved in this storyline is coming off as petty and whiny. I wish one side was taking the moral high ground instead of acting macho. But maybe that’s what gets over, I don’t know.)


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