NWL KC: Ken Dharma vs. Hans Ruger, Pose Down (June 24, 2017) [Episode 26]

“It is now time for a very peculiar first…”

This isn’t really a wrestling match, but I’m gonna review it anyway. After Dharma used a kendo stick to beat Ruger last time, Ruger challenged him to a pose down to settle things the Austrian way. Ben Simon announces that each competitor will have up to one minute to flex, and then the fans will vote for the winner with their applause.

Ruger comes out first and rambles to the crowd, which is his strength. He puts over Kansas City and everything he likes about it. He apologizes for not being in perfect bodybuilding condition, but says he’s been trying his best, avoiding things like bratwurst, beer, and Wiener Schnitzel. Dharma then comes out and says he had a good laugh at the idea of a pose down because the Kansas City fans will body shame him back to “Australia.” Then he drops some sexual innuendo for good measure.

Dharma goes first, showing off his incredible flexibility with several yoga poses that I don’t know the names of (so he’ll probably yell at me on Twitter). For his turn, Ruger does several traditional bodybuilder poses, finishing by letting his hair down and taking a knee with his fists on the mat alá the Terminator.

Ben Simon takes the vote, and the clear winner based on cheers in Hans Ruger.

Winner – Hans Ruger

Rating – OK

Dharma attacks Ruger as his hand is raised. Ruger ducks a kick and hits a fallaway slam, then grabs a kendo stick from under the ring. Dharma ducks the swing and bails.

Extra Wackiness!

Dharma claims victory and calls Ruger a sore loser. He challenges him to a submission match, saying that he never actually tapped to Ruger (in their first match), he just had a hand spasm from not doing enough yoga.

Ruger needs Ben Miller to explain what a submission match really is (he has a misconception…).


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