NWL KC: Michael Strider vs. Anthony Gutierrez (June 24, 2017) [Episode 26]

Teaching the young folks something.

Strider comes out with a black belt and announces to all the new fans that he’s a black belt in professional wrestling. He tells Gutierrez to come out and meet a master.

This is Sharkbait’s second pro wrestling match, and it’s considerably longer than his squash of Brandon Osborn. All in all, it’s a good showing, and it gets particularly exciting down the stretch. Gutierrez stumps Strider at first with his speed and basic wrestling ability, showing that Strider was taking him lightly. He seems to have a wiry strength, because he’s able to hip toss Strider with ease. It is kind of odd to see that considering their size difference.

The majority of the match is Strider beating on him, though, with Gutierrez pulling out submission attempts in between poundings. He comes quite close to making Strider tap to a triangle choke before Strider muscles him up and powerbombs him. Gutierrez ultimately survives some chops and catches Strider with a spinning back kick to the head called “dead in the water” to get the pin. It’s not the most devastating-looking kick, especially coming from such a small guy, but Strider sells it like a champ.

Winner – Anthony Gutierrez

Rating – Good

Sore loser that he is, Strider waffles Gutierrez with a chair while he celebrates, then gets his black belt and chokes him. Derek Stone and a pair of orange shirts come out to drag Strider to the back. Sharkbait waves to the crowd as he’s being helped out.

Extra Credits!

Sharkbait says he was surprised that Strider followed the rules during the match, but he lost all respect for him when he attacked him afterwards. He challenges him to another match at the July 4th Riverfest.

Strider calls it a fluke and says Gutierrez is just the flavor of the month, while Strider has been doing this for 20 years. This was just round one.

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