NWL KC: The Howletts vs. The End (July 8, 2017) [Episode 27]

“You’ve had plenty of time, I’m sure you’ve all built your bunkers. You’ve had time. The election was months ago.”

Luke Holliday and Kyle Mars come out first in their doomsday gear. They say they haven’t come out of their bunker in a while, and now they see that #Anarchy is rising and the Howletts are running amok, but none of that compares to the impending apocalypse. As a public service, they share a video of tips for how to coexist with others in your doomsday bunker. None of this has much to do with the match, it’s fun and helps show their personalities. I wish that the announcers wouldn’t talk during the video, though.

Standard tag match here with a lot of double team moves. The End get a lot of shine early before the Howletts take over and get heat on Holliday. They prevent him from getting the tag for a longer amount of time than I was expecting, so he takes a beating. After the hot tag, they start doing a ton of stuff, and as they get closer to the finish, they’re not hitting things very smoothly. Mars does a huge moonsault to the floor onto everyone (with some unwitting assistance from the referee). The Howletts get the win when Leonel sits down on a Langley sunset flip and Marco holds his hand from the outside for leverage.

Winners – The Howletts

Rating – OK

I probably would’ve called this “Good” if they’d hit everything more fluidly near the end, but the effort was definitely there.


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