NWL KC: Ken Dharma vs. Hans Ruger, Submission Match (July 8, 2017) [Episode 27]

No more posedowns. Time to fight.

On paper, this match strongly favors Dharma. He’s so flexible that one would have to bend his back, leg, or arm pretty darn far to get him to tap. However, Ruger does have a submission victory over him (thanks to a cravat lock).

As with most of Ruger’s matches, this one’s slower and less deliberate than I’d like. They try submissions on each other, Dharma escapes the cravat lock, Ruger hurts his shoulder on the turnbuckle, Dharma works on the shoulder. Ruger gets some hope spots in before his real comeback.

The ending is good and keeps the kendo stick in play. Ruger drops Dharma with the draping cravat onto the floor and holds it. Dharma taps, but they’re outside the ring, so it doesn’t count. Ruger talks with the referee about it, and Dharma shoves him into the ref. The ref takes a tumble into the guardrail. Dharma snatches his kendo stick and whacks Ruger in the shoulder. He takes him into the ring and puts him in “Dharmageddon,” a new arm submission that involves Dharma’s leg being bent back over his own head while trapping Ruger’s arm. Ruger, of course, taps.

Winner – Ken Dharma

Rating – OK


Hans flips out and challenges Dharma to a kendo stick on a pole match. He has trouble with the word “kendo,” though.

Dharma dismisses allegations of cheating and accepts Ruger’s challenge.


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