NWL KC: Niles Plonk vs. Blue Tornado (July 8, 2017) [Episode 27]

And to think I used to complain about my job…

Red Cloud has been forced to act as Plonk’s butler for a month, so he accompanies Plonk andĀ Belvedere in butler garb. Plonk makes him pour some wine and act as a stepping stool as he gets in the ring. Plonk says this proves that he can teach anyone class. He makes Red Cloud take a knee as he removes his robe.

Blue Tornado is in a black T-shirt and a blue lucha mask, and he’s announced as being from the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill. I don’t know who’s under the hood, but he seems to have a lot of energy, and the crowd automatically chant for him because of who he’s against.

Of course, this match is more about the interactions between Red Cloud and Plonk than it is about the move exchanged between its competitors. Blue Tornado’s only offense is a brief airplane spin that makes him dizzy. Red Cloud stops Belvedere from choking Tornado from the outside. Plonk does his corkscrew elbow and grape stomp, and then he performs Red Cloud’s bow and arrow drop. He pulls Tornado up from the pin, though, and finishes him with the uncorker snapmare driver instead.

Winner – Niles Plonk

Rating – OK

Afterwards, Plonk commands Red Cloud to hit the bow and arrow drop on Tornado and then do the grape stomp, both of which he does begrudgingly.

Extra Snobbery!

Plonk blames Red Cloud for picking an unworthy opponent for him and makes him polish his glass.


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