Metro Pro: Marti Belle vs. Lucy Mendez, No DQ (May 19, 2018)

Our Story So Far…
– In the NWL, “Dominican Dynamite” Marti Belle had beef with Lucy Mendez (then known as Carolina Grizelda Esmeralda Redriguez), but Mendez constantly made excuses and found substitutes to so she wouldn’t have to wrestle her. Then-NWL general manager Matt Jackson constantly aided her, refusing to make the match and calling Marti a bully.
– Jackson comes out before the match looking quite disheveled. His hair’s a mess, he’s missing a shoe, and he’s got Elmo pajama pants on. He claims that he’s down on his luck, living like Oscar the Grouch out of a garbage can, and he ultimately blames the fans for it. Marti comes out and defends the fans, telling Matt that’s he’s the only one at fault. Jackson says he has just enough power to finally put her in a no DQ match with Lucy. Marti says she never backs down from a fight.

This is an NWL tribute/closure match if there ever was one. Actually, this whole show is starting to remind me of the first “ECW One Night Stand” pay-per-view. It’s “NWL One Night Stand,” and I’m enjoying it.

Both women do the no DQ stipulation justice without getting too crazy. The only foreign object involved is a chair, and no one bleeds. There’s a lot of chops, forearms, and choking, and not a lot of classical technique. Matt gets involved a few times; in fact, Lucy only gains and then regains the advantage because of him. But her hubris gets the best of her, because she sits Marti in the chair and chooses to waste time yelling in her face. This only serves to fire Marti up, and she fires off some forearms before dropping Lucy face-first into the chair, Raven-style. Then she applies something like a camel clutch through the chair, pulling on Lucy’s hair and forcing her to tap.

Afterwards, Matt wants to throw down, but he falls while taking off his one shoe. Marti pounces on him, but then she lets him up and ducks his clothesline attempt. He stops to roar to the heavens, and then Marti beats him into the corner and smashes him with a running hip attack. She finally throws his shoe at him for good measure, then poses and high-fives some fans. That was all a little sloppy, but it kind of suited the goofiness of the situation, and the crowd ate it up.

If you were into the feud between Marti, Lucy/Carolina, and Matt, then this match and its aftermath ought to feel pretty cathartic. 

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