About Me

I started this blog to review random wrestling matches and shows, but my focus has narrowed to primarily include stuff from my hometown – Kansas City, Missouri – and the surrounding areas. I feel that Missouri and Iowa don’t get enough coverage online when it comes to wrestling. Missouri Wrestling Revival does a great job of keeping on top of things, but they deal more in results than critical analysis. I’m hoping to fill that void in some small way.

Also, I need an excuse to keep writing things, or else I’m going to sit around doing nothing.

My blog for wrestling in China: Panda Power-Plex

My Reviews for Puroresu Central: Best of Amazing Red and the S.A.T in Japan, Hustle Mania 2007, Wrestle Land “Deadly Target” 2007, Bizarre Japanese Death Matches, Japanese Hardcore Wrestle 7 PPV, Dragon Gate WrestleJAM

My Reviews for Free Pro WrestlingThere are a lot of them.

I also enjoy doughnuts.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I stumbled on this a few weeks ago. Great stuff and really fills a need. Can’t wait to read more. R u going to the Iowa hall of fame in july. Feel free to email me. Do u listen to wrestletalkpodcast? Take care blessing.


    • Thanks for commenting. I don’t live in the U.S., so i won’t be at the hall of fame. I think I’ve listened to WrestleTalk before. Pretty sure I follow them on my wrestling Twitter, at least.


      • So look forward to ur thoughts on the fall of NWL. Not surprised but yet shocked on timing. They had a fan event for this Saturday along with opening of NWL arena. Thanks for ur contribution to wrestling and NWL.


      • I know, it was so sudden. They’d just announced their own arena and were prepping for a big show with an elimination match. Also, Tom Prichard was coming in. And then, poof! They’re just done. I don’t know what happened, but I’m sure something will come to light someday. As it stands, I just hope the wrestlers can keep getting booked.
        I might write a whole post about the fall, but I don’t want to ruffle any feathers with uneducated speculation. Maybe I’ll just write about my memories of following their year of existence from afar.


  2. While I don’t mention Prichard coming in, though I was aware of it. I do give a list of things that had or were happening that u wouldn’t think u would be doing if u were planning on closing. Including the NWL arena.


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