3XW: Jeremy Wyatt vs. Maverick (June 1, 2018)

Our Story So Far…
– Jeremy Wyatt is a five-time former 3XW Heavyweight Champion and the final NWL Champion. He recently returned to 3XW after the demise of the NWL.
– Maverick was a two-time, and the final, Spirit of the NWL Champion.
– This match actually happened at least once before. It was at a VIP show of some sort, and it streamed on Facebook, but I’m pretty sure the video went away when the NWL Facebook page did.

This is very good. Big surprise, right?  Maverick is a hoss, and Wyatt can’t match him in the chopping and striking department, but he’s able to get the advantage by getting crafty on the floor. This isn’t until after he’s tossed up into the low ceiling, breaking out a piece of drywall with his recently-shaved head. I wonder how much that cost them?

They do some nice, smooth transitions. Maverick pounds Wyatt and throws him around. Wyatt chokes Maverick and methodically picks him apart. Neither man hits his finisher. Maverick kicks out after the lightning spiral, and Wyatt does the same after a Death Valley driver. Wyatt finally uses the ref as a distraction, pulling him in front of a Maverick charge. He uses the hesitation to roll Maverick into a hammerlock pinning combination for the three count.

I look forward to these two matching up again, especially in a situation with some bigger stakes.