Three Dog Collar Matches from 2017!

I consider the chain match a staple of Missouri-area indy wrestling. Midwest Renegade Wrestling (later NWA Central States, and Central States Wrestling after that) and Gateway Championship Wrestling both featured chain matches as parts of big feuds. I got to witness at least two of them live.

The chain match is a great gimmick match for indies with smaller budgets. It’s similar to the cage match in that it prevents the wrestlers from running away, but it’s usually easier and cheaper to set up (unless the chain is made of solid gold or something). It can be just as dramatic and violent, and there are a lot of creative things the participants can do with the chain itself.

In 2017, three promotions in the Midwest put on dog collar matches (a type of chain match, if you didn’t know), and but none is derivative of the others. Rather than review each one separately, I wanted to bulk them all together in one post with mini-reviews.

Here they are…

Glory Pro “Sleep When We’re Dead” – August 20, 2017 – Alton, IL

“The Millennial” Danny Adams vs. Paco Gonzalez

These best-friends-turned-bitter-rivals brawl all over the place, bunkhouse-style. Merchandise, chairs, and a table all get involved, as do Kevin Lee Davidson and Jake Something. Their feud is finished in brutal fashion, at least for now.


National Wrasslin’ League – October 28, 2017 – Kansas City, MO

“The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt vs. Jack Foster

Foster finally gets the leader of The Foundation alone, at least for most of the match. Even when Wyatt’s friends interfere, Foster has his own backup available to clear out the riffraff. The most unique part is when they tear up the ring mat, exposing the wooden boards beneath. It’s a major war and my top NWL match of the year.


Impact Pro Wrestling “Instant Ticket” – November 4, 2017 – Des Moines, IA

Ugly vs. Malice

This is the second match in a series between these two. Ugly won the first, a falls count anywhere affair, so I guess they decided they needed to keep this one almost entirely in the ring.  I think it’s better for it, especially considering the lighting and single camera presentation. There’s no interference in this one, just two guys pummeling each other because they’re crazy.

If you like blood feuds and steel chains, you can’t go wrong with any of these matches.