Notes on the End of the NWL STL

Hashtag made me think it said “HANARACHY” for a moment there.


Here are the facts:

  • Major Baisden announced last Friday (June 10) that the National Wrasslin’ League wouldn’t be running anymore shows in St. Louis effective immediately.
  • Major Baisden’s Facebook live video Q&A
  • Among the reasons for cutting ties were issues with attendance as well as problems finding a big enough venue where they could run on a Friday or Saturday. Baisden was also upset with the content of a local radio show the company was sponsoring.
  • All full-time staff will stay employed, and part-time wrestlers can still be involved if they wish.
  • NWL KC has been doing well and will continue on its regular schedule.
  • Maverick will remain the NWL STL Champion (he won it on a show that hasn’t aired yet, so I haven’t reviewed it).
  • The NWL still hopes to expand to other markets.
  • NWL STL commissioner Matt Jackson (FKA Pierre Abernathy) will honor his contract and continue to work with the NWL, but he also plans to start something new in the St. Louis area.
  • Matt Jackson’s Facebook live video Q&A
  • Even though he started pushing the #Anarchy hashtag, he says that he won’t resurrect St. Louis Anarchy in the way it was before.
  • Jackson hopes to sit down with Major Baisden when he’s in town for the next NWL KC show on June 24 and hash things out.
  • Luke Raven of Pro Wrestling Iowa wrote a very good article about it all called The Rise and Fall of NWL St. Louis. It’s better than anything I could write here, so I’m just doing bullet points.

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