RMP: Left Coast Guerrillas vs. Riegel Twins (June 2018)

So my wife and I just had a baby about a month ago, and I haven’t been using my moments of free time to watch or write about a lot of wrestling. I think, if I’m going to continue with match reviews, they’re going to have to be more succinct. That’s kind of difficult for a match like this, because it’s long and has a but of nuance to it. But here goes.

I like this match. It has a bit of everything. They start with technical stuff, but it ramps up fairly quickly into the higher-impact moves. The Riegels are subtle heels due to this being the Guerrillas home turf. The Guerrillas are more vicious, though. The Riegels actually don’t do as much flying as I was expecting. It breaks down into a brawl around the ring that the camera has trouble following. The Guerrillas splash both Riegels through tables, but they kick out. One of the Riegels gets a con-chair-to. The Guerrillas eventually get the pin with an elevated cutter. Good display of both teams’ strengths, though I did want to see some more flips.

After the match, they all hug and share cans of beer. It really feels like their last match ever, but I don’t think either team got signed away. Hoodie actually had a match with Logan after this (it was okay, not as epic), and both Riegels actually tagged with Anaya on Rocky Mountain Pro’s TV show against Trigger Warning.