NWL Episode 64

Well, the NWL has gone out of business, but there are still three matches from the 64th episode of their TV show on their YouTube channel for me to review. They haven’t uploaded the complete episode yet, and they may not ever, so I’ll just cover these matches as they are.

Our Story So Far…
– In a recent NWL Tag Team Championship match between the Howletts and the Besties in the World, the referee called for the bell when he thought he saw Leonel Howlett tap to Davey Vega. Leonel and Marco were enraged, claiming that Leo was only reaching for the ropes. They nearly assaulted the ref backstage, but Matt Jackson talked them down.
Stephen Wolf used to wrestle in NWL STL as Marcellus Gaines, but they’re not going to mention that on this show. Just thought you might like to know.
Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez has been teaming with Jet Royal recently, but now that Jax Royal is back from injury, the Royal Blood have reunited, and Sharkbait seems to be back in the singles division.
Christian Rose enjoys making people mad.
Will Lowe is a newcomer who sometimes wrestles in a dragon-esque mask and sometimes doesn’t.
Now on to the show!

Anthony Gutierrez vs. Will Lowe
Will Lowe shows off some high-flying, and a lot of it looks good. His back handspring seems kind of slow to me, though. Sharkbait has really come into his own as a wrestler. He can fly, he can grapple, he’s got plenty of flashy moves, and he knows his way around the ring. My only qualm with him is that his kicks don’t look that realistic (which is weird since he’s a legit shoot fighter). I think it has to do with his size (he’s wiry) and the fact that he wrestles barefoot instead of using boots or kickpads. Those make strikes sound better, IMO. Anyway, Lowe gets to show some stuff, but Sharkbait takes most of the match and gets the submission victory with a rear naked choke after he catches Lowe on a handspring.
Winner – Anthony Gutierrez

Ben Miller interviews Sharkbait afterwards. He casts some shade on the Royal Blood for abandoning him and resolves to be his own man. He wants to be in the title picture because he runs Kansas City. Sounds like he’s leaning in a heelish direction without fully turning.


Stephen Wolf vs. Christian Rose
This is a solid match, but I feel that its strengths actually highlight some weaknesses. My main qualm is that Christian Rose employs such a smart game plan that it’s hard for me to believe he loses. He works over Wolf and counters a lot of his stuff so well that he obviously did his scouting beforehand. There isn’t even really a point where he blatantly makes a crucial mistake that leads to his downfall. I would have liked to see him fail because he got too cocky or went to a certain well once too often. Or he could’ve won and looked smart and crafty. Instead, he just gets countered and is then decisively pinned after a combo of moves. He had a similar showing against Dak Draper last time out, but at least that loss was against a former champion. I guess I just wanted a different story. My other issue is minor, and it’s that Wolf hits a standing shooting star press twice in one match. It looks good, especially at the finish as a follow-up to a springboard curb stomp, but it loses its impact as a finisher when it’s already been done before. Anyway, good match that doesn’t quite meet my storytelling desires.
Winner – Stephen Wolf


The Howletts & Michael Strider vs. The Besties in the World & Gary Jay
Good six-man action here. Jay and the Besties show up the heels early  (and for a while, actually). The bad guys get control, and Jay gets in the most peril. Strider intelligently cuts off the ring. When Jay gets the tag, everyone’s running around and hitting moves on each other. Fitchett gets left alone near the end and shows a lot of tenacity, almost handling all three opponents, but he finally gets put down with side slam/guillotine leg drop by the Howletts.
Winners – The Howletts & Michael Strider

Without seeing any other segments from this episode, I’ve got to give it an OK rating. I liked the main event a lot, but the other two matches disappointed me a bit. The first one was window dressing to a story I’m not that into, and the second one didn’t scratch the storytelling itch I hoped it would. I don’t know if we’re going to see anymore uploads from the NWL now that they’re gone, but if not, this episode is a bit of a flat one to end on, IMO.


NWL Episode 60

Time to try something new…

Our Story So Far…
– The Matt Jackson administration is still in control of the NWL.
– The miserable Leonel Howlett has been on a singles tear in the NWL, but he was recently derailed by “War King” Eddie Kingston, who now has his sights on the NWL KC Championship.
– Fuego del Sol doesn’t have a lot of wins, but his high-flying style has won him many fans.
– The crafty NWL KC Champion Jeremy Wyatt won the title in the NWL Rumble and then managed to defend it cleanly against previous champion Dak Draper.
– Maverick has been bitterly chasing crowd pleaser Gary Jay ever since losing the Spirit of the NWL Championship to him back in November.
Now on to the show!

Maverick and Drew Gold arrive at the arena. Maverick isn’t interested in shaking Matt Jackson‘s hand, but Drew assures Jackson that there’ll be a new champion tonight.

Leonel Howlett vs. Fuego del Sol
Good brawler vs. flyer match. Leo gets to rag doll Fuego a lot, and Fuego gets to make big comebacks. He only slips up a couple times, and he recovers well, I think. Leo kills him with a uranagi, though, to get back to his winning ways.
Winner – Leonel Howlett

Jeremy Wyatt cuts a promo in the back about how he’s a man of his word. Eddie Kingston interrupts and talks about legacy. They jaw briefly.

NWL KC Championship: Jeremy Wyatt (c) vs. Eddie Kingston
Big deal title match. Neither guy mails it in. They wrestle, they brawl, Kingston does a tope. Kingston won’t let you be cocky in front of him; you’ve got to fight to survive. Kingston hits the spinning backfist (to the Future), but Wyatt seems to have (accidentally?) KO’d the referee. Michael Strider runs in, Kingston tried to fight him off, but the numbers game overwhelms him. Strider hits the Strider spiral, and Wyatt hits the piledriver. The ref wakes up and counts the pin.
Winner – Jeremy Wyatt

Afterwards, Kingston goes on a tirade backstage, demanding that he get Strider in the ring if he comes back.

In the middle of that match, we get a Gary Jay promo about how Maverick knows that Jay is better than him.

Spirit of the NWL Championship: Gary Jay (c) vs. Maverick (w/ Drew Gold)
Maybe the most painful looking fight in NWL history that doesn’t involve foreign objects. Maverick attacked Jay a few weeks ago, so Jay returns the favor to start this wild match. They brutalize each other with their fists and elbows, and Jay takes a freaking release German suplex on the floor, landing on his head! Somehow, he can still stand and fight back after a while. Maverick breaks out a sweet dropkick, too. Neither will say die. Maverick kicks out of the flying double stomp to the back of the head. Gary misses something and gets nailed with a lariat, and Maverick finally finishes him with a running Gory bomb to become the first two-time champion in the NWL.
Winner and New Champion – Maverick

Very good episode of the show. The NWL has hit its stride.

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