NWL STL Episode 1 Review

From the ashes of St. Louis Anarchy rises the NWL STL!

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An Introduction to NWL KC and NWL STL

The National Wrasslin’ League just debuted earlier this month and has already run four shows – two in Kansas City and two in St. Louis. They’ve also uploaded two pilot TV episodes to their YouTube channel – one directed at each city. There are a lot of familiar faces in both NWL KC and NWL STL, but how come there are very few recognizable names? Are these two promotions or just one that runs in different cities? What’s this St. Louis/Kansas City rivalry all about?

Rather than answer so many questions in the reviews themselves (thereby making them harder to read), I figured it would be best to first present a summary of the ambitious NWL project right here. If you don’t care about all that, feel free to skip to the reviews when they’re posted. Otherwise, here’s what I know: Continue reading