RMP: Left Coast Guerrillas vs. Riegel Twins (June 2018)

So my wife and I just had a baby about a month ago, and I haven’t been using my moments of free time to watch or write about a lot of wrestling. I think, if I’m going to continue with match reviews, they’re going to have to be more succinct. That’s kind of difficult for a match like this, because it’s long and has a but of nuance to it. But here goes.

I like this match. It has a bit of everything. They start with technical stuff, but it ramps up fairly quickly into the higher-impact moves. The Riegels are subtle heels due to this being the Guerrillas home turf. The Guerrillas are more vicious, though. The Riegels actually don’t do as much flying as I was expecting. It breaks down into a brawl around the ring that the camera has trouble following. The Guerrillas splash both Riegels through tables, but they kick out. One of the Riegels gets a con-chair-to. The Guerrillas eventually get the pin with an elevated cutter. Good display of both teams’ strengths, though I did want to see some more flips.

After the match, they all hug and share cans of beer. It really feels like their last match ever, but I don’t think either team got signed away. Hoodie actually had a match with Logan after this (it was okay, not as epic), and both Riegels actually tagged with Anaya on Rocky Mountain Pro’s TV show against Trigger Warning.

Metro Pro: The Riegel Twins vs. The Foundation (May 19, 2018)

Our Story So Far…
The Foundation of Ace Steel and Michael Strider were the first NWL Tag Team Champions. They’re veterans of the Midwest wrestling scene and were also members of Matt Jackson’s heel administration while he was GM of the NWL.
Logan and Sterling Riegel (formerly Jax and Jet Royal) are from my hometown! And they’re really athletic high flyers. Their tag team was put on hold for a good chunk of 2017 because Jax was injured, so I don’t believe they ever wrestled The Foundation two-on-two before. They did face them in a six-person tag that also involved Marti Belle and Carolina Rodriguez/Lucy Mendez.

Great veteran heel work by Strider and Steel. They look like they just own the ring (not to mention the area surrounding it), and they know it. They’re here to put these young blond punks in their place. Ace is super-cocky, and Strider almost seems disgusted by the youth and athleticism of his opponents. A couple of their highlights include Strider catching Sterling on an moonsault from the apron and lawn-darting him into the post, and Ace powerbombing Sterling (I think) from the ring onto Strider and Logan on the floor. There’s a lot of snap in their attacks.

The Riegels give a strong sense of fighting from below, working very hard to match their more experienced opponents. They take their best shots without giving up, and they manage to catch them off guard a few times with their flips and body attacks. Their highlights include a nice series of tandem attacks that ends with a through-the-ropes frog splash, and a sort of sling blade onto Strider on the apron. There is one bit where Logan fumbles on a moonsault transition, but he recovers from it pretty smoothly, I think.

The Riegels take a lot of punishment and don’t get in a ton of offense, even after the hot tag, but their tenacity pays off when they counter a doomsday device attempt and Logan (I think) catches Strider with a top rope springboard Ace crusher to get the pin.

While I feel that it’s missing a little bit more back-and-forth in the closing stretch, I still think this is a very good tag match and a top-notch performance from the Foundation.