Metro Pro: Anthony Gutierrez vs. Rasheed Ali (May 19, 2018)

Our Story So Far…
– After the closing of the NWL, Metro Pro Wrestling is back!
“Greatness Personified” Rasheed Ali is accompanied by Shane Sanders and The Iceman (formerly Niles Plonk’s butler, Belvedere, a much different character). Ali, Iceman, and Niles Plonk were called Top Shelf in the NWL.
Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez┬ástill fights in MMA about once per year. He’s coming off a decision victory in the Kansas City Fighting Alliance about 14 days before this.

I liked this as an opener. Sharkbait’s energy bookended the match, hyping up the crowd and bringing them into the show on a happy note. He performed most of his greatest hits and was only stunted temporarily thanks to the expected outside interference. Ali was fine during the heat segment, but he didn’t do anything that really captured my attention. I like that he’s got a posse, as I fell like he’s stronger as part of a group.

Sharkbait knocked Ali loopy with a high kick before throwing him down and slapping on an armbar. Then he transitioned that into a triangle choke to force Ali to tap.