YouTube Playlists

I’ve made a lot of YouTube playlists compiling legally posted wrestling matches. I originally wanted them all to be in chronological order, but there are just too many to keep up with. The Ring of Honor one is especially hard to keep up-to-date. Anyway, here’s what I have so far…

AWA (A couple official AWA compilation tapes posted to WWE’s channel.)

Everybody Loves Tomoaki Honma! (Except his significant other, I guess.)

Excellence Pro Wrestling Full Matches (A little promotion with a lot of Chikara regulars.)

Free & Legal: Best of the Super Juniors/ Super J Cup (New Japan’s two big junior tournaments. Unfortunately, I think some of the finals are omitted, but I got everything I could find on the New Japan channel.)

Free & Legal: Candice LeRae (Only women’s matches. Sorry if you like intergender stuff, but I don’t.)

Free & Legal: Chikara (Hat tip to The Chikara Special. This is all the Chikara matches as well as all the matches with Chikara stars in other promotions that I could find. A very big playlist.)

Free & Legal: Eddie Guerrero (Includes WWE, WCW, ECW, and indies.)

Free & Legal: Hiroshi Tanahashi (Singles matches only.)

Free & Legal: Jeremy Wyatt (Local Kansas City wrestler. Doesn’t like me, but that’s okay.)

Free & Legal: Jonathan Gresham

Free & Legal: Jushin Thunder Liger

Free & Legal: Karl Anderson

Free & Legal: La Sombra (Mostly New Japan stuff; one CMLL match.)

Free & Legal: Luchadores in Japan (Besides La Sombra. There’s Ultimo Guerrero, Mistico, Mascara Dorada, etc.)

Free & Legal: Matt Riddle

Free & Legal: Matt Sydal/Evan Borne (Indies and WWE stuff from ECW and Superstars.)

Free & Legal: Michael Elgin

Free & Legal: Mike Bailey (“Speedball,” FKA Kitsune)

Free & Legal: Prince/Fergal Devitt

Free & Legal: Rich Swann

Free & Legal: Ricochet/Prince Puma (Split between the two gimmicks. Also, Helios.)

Free & Legal: Ring of Honor (Second biggest playlist. Also probably the hardest to compile as far as putting everything in order.)

Free & Legal: Ring of Honor TV (Just full TV episodes that ROH posted.)

Free & Legal: Roderick Strong

Free & Legal: Silver Ant (Masked) (Only Silver Ant/Green Ant matches where he’s wearing his mask.)

Free & Legal: Silver Ant (Unmasked) (All Silver Ant/Green Ant matches, including ones where he wrestles without his mask under a different name. If you don’t want to know his secret identity, don’t watch this one!)

Free & Legal: WWECW (Full matches and TV shows. Not a great brand, but I put the playlist together to search for hidden gems and Evan Borne stuff. Also has CM Punk’s debut and a bunch of big guys in a four corners match.)

Free & Legal: The Young Bucks

Free & Legal: Zack Sabre Jr.

Zack Ryder’s Iced 3 (A WWE YouTube series from before the Network. Zack Ryder presented three matches from WWE’s video library every month. It doesn’t look like every match is still on the channel, but I got the ones I could.)