Missouri Wrestling Revival on the Closure of the NWL

“It was fun while it lasted.” That is what Ace Steel said to me after news broke that the National Rasslin League was closing. “It was the most fun I’ve ever had” Steel added. Yes indeed it was. Judging by fan posts on social media, the NWL has a special place in their hearts. Fans […]

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Took Some Time Away

Happy Easter! He is risen!

I took time off wrestling again for Lent this year. Forty days from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday (minus all the Sundays in the middle). I’ve done it before, but I don’t think I’m going to do it again. All things considered, it’s a pretty weak “fast” to do. If I’m really going to fast from anything that isn’t food, it needs to be something more substantial, like Internet or even my computer all together.

I updated my Panda Power-Plex blog a couple times on Sundays because the Chinese matches I had available were shorter and less numerous than the stuff I usually review here. I think I’m going to get back to reviewing NWL and stuff but in a more streamlined fashion. We’ll see how long I can do it. I’m also trying to write fiction and real-life blogs on top of planning lessons for my classes.

Great Article About Chinese Wrestling

I know Chinese wrestling is the focus of my other blog, but you’ve gotta check out this article from Discovering Wrestling about the Chinese wrestling scene. It’s well-researched and well-written; very in-depth. It’s a long one, but worth the time if you’re interested. I learned about a couple promotions I hadn’t heard of, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they produce and whether or not I can get my hands on it.

Props to Nuclear Convoy for doing the work and getting the story.


People say starting is always the hardest part of writing. Particularly when you have something the scope of this subject to cover. But I’ve found this subject has made it harder for me to stop writing. I first started writing about the nascent Chinese Pro-Wrestling scene in August of 2016, when I took some time […]

via #DiscoveringWrestling Presents – State of the Middle Kingdom: An exploration of the burgeoning Chinese Pro Wrestling Scene — nuclearconvoy.com

Quick Update

I’m very busy at work this week, and next week, the wife and I are flying to the U.S. to visit for almost a month. Therefore, keeping up with all the NWL matches can’t be a priority for now. I don’t know how much I’ll watch or write about during this time, but I’m thinking my best course of action will be to watch at my leisure and only review the matches that I actually like or that are easy to write about.

Thus, I hope to watch everything eventually, but I’m not likely to write about every single match, and I probably won’t write much until late August or September.

Keep supporting the NWL KC & STL, or whatever your local indy is.

A Correction

In previous posts, I stated that NWL color commentators Scott Bowden and Christopher Fulton were one in the same person. It has since come to my attention that they are two different people (either that, or one guy has two different voices). I apologize for my false assumption. Please know that I was not trying to deliberately deceive or deride anyone. Thanks.

Big Site Update

Pretty simple stuff, really. I’ve split the site in two. I like to cover wrestling from both my hometown region (Kansas City) and the region where I currently reside (China), but there’s really zero crossover between the two, so it’s been kind of odd to have them mixed up on the same site. Having two blogs will give each the focus they deserve and make the whole thing easier to navigate.

Panda Power-Plex will feature all of my reviews of matches from China and southeast Asia. I’ve already exported all my previous reviews that meet that criteria over there, so if you’re looking for any of those, head that direction. For everything else, stay here.

Panda Power-Plex is named for the animal that is most commonly associated with China as well as one of my favorite tag team moves (performed by Power & Glory in the WWF days).

My Hook the Leg, Man! Tumblr and Twitter accounts will update when I post to either blog, so no need to go looking for a different Panda Power-Plex account there.


If you’ve noticed a lack of activity, it’s because I’m “fasting” from wrestling for the season of Lent. I’ve been spending too much time watching and reading about wrestling lately, so I’m forcing myself to take a break. I’m still allowed to indulge on Sundays, so I may post things from time to time, but only on those days. Hopefully, I’ll be able to create a healthier balance after Easter comes.